Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi suggests not to have any liking for any particular kind of food  (Read 1313 times)


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Talk 266.

D.: Well, Bhagavan, you said there are three requisites of which ichcha is the satisfaction of natural wants without attachment to the body, etc. I take food three or four times a day and attend to bodily wants so much so that I am oppressed by the body. Is there a state when I shall be disembodied so that I might be free from the scourge of bodily wants?

M.: It is the attachments (raga, dwesha) which are injurious. The action is not bad in itself. There is no harm in eating three or four times. But only do not say, “I want this kind of food and not that kind” and so on.



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Taking food without like and dislike, with no preferences is the food
for the Brahma Jnani.  Bhagavan Ramana [once someone brought
a bhiksha for all inmates with 32 dishes] took the food, mixing
all items into a single lump and swallowed it.  Where is the taste
for me?  Only the hunger should be quelled, He said.

Arunachala Siva.