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ULLadu Narpadu - 197
« on: June 15, 2010, 03:47:10 PM »

Sri Lakshamana Sarma covers the message of Verse 29 of ULLadu
Narpadu in some verses of his Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad:

Verse 485:  The Real Self will shine as He really is, only in the thought
free natural state of the Self.  In other states, the Real Self will not
shine as He really is, due to its being mixed up with intellectual beliefs or views.

Verse 486:  If the mind thus engaged in the quest becomes unconscious as in deep sleep, the effort so far made becomes unfruitful.  So the seeker should awaken the mind from this unconsciousness and again engage it in the quest.

Verse 487:  Mental quiescence has been explained by the Guru
as being of two kinds.  As latency in unconsciousness and final extinction.  In Hatha Yoga, there are many methods of attaining
unconsciousness, such as suspension of breath.

Verse 488:  The mind, when it has gone into latency, together with its habits of activity, will later become active again to produce the worldly life.  The mind that has been extinguished, will lose its habits of action and thus become like seed that has been roasted.

Verse 489:  Ignorance binds the ignorant one by means of these habits.  If the mind remains wide-awake in the quest, then there
will ensure the destruction of the habits.

Verse 490:  Right Awareness dawns on the complete extinction of the mind, whereby all the mental habits are lost.  Deliverance is affirmed by all sages to be none other than the final and complete
destruction of the mental habits.

Verse 491:  Like the keen edge of a razor is this quest of the Real
Self.  So one should overcome both desire and latency and keep the mind concentrated in the quest.

Verse 492:  In all the other yogas it is assumed that there is an
entity called 'soul', having defects, namely action and the rest
and the yogi makes efforts to make him free from these defects.

Verse 493:  For eradicating the defect of being an actor, there is yoga of action.  For getting rid of separateness from God there is the yoga of devotion.  For the cure of the defect of difference is the yoga of mind control.  And for the eradication of ignorance, there is the yoga of Right Awareness. 

Verse 494:  Being himself the same ass the Supreme Being, the ignorant man, thinking himself to be someone other than He, through delusion, tries to become one with Him by various yogas.
What else is there more absurd?

Verse 495:  When, by taking hold of the consciousness-element of the soul, the quest is made of the Self, the root of that soul, that
Self, who is free from all defects, shines alone.  There the soul does not survive.

Verse 496:  Hence this Quest is named as Maha Yoga.  There is no other yoga, equal to this, or greater.  All the yogas are included in,
and may be used as auxiliaries to this one, as may be found suitable.

Verse 497:  This Yoga, the quest of the source of the soul [which
is nothing but mind, vasanas and prana], is itself all the Yogas.
It is the Yoga of Action, the Yoga of Devotion, the Yoga of Restraining the mind and also the Yoga of Right Awareness.

Verse 498:  Since this quest has the form of a question, it is not to be practiced as a mode of meditation.  By this question, the mind dives into the Heart, which it does no do by any series of meditation.

Verse 499:  Some practice continuous meditation on the Truth of one's own Self, after listening to and reflecting upon that Truth.
This method is other than the Quest of the Self taught by Bhagavan

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: ULLadu Narpadu - 197
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2010, 05:17:55 PM »
Dear Subramaniyan ji

The verse 486..... I cannot unsderstand properly. Could you please explain once again.

Thanking you,



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Re: ULLadu Narpadu - 197
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If during the experience of consciousness, one falls asleep, then
the experience is not complete and is reversible.  But in a seeker's
life such sleep is inevitable.  If one does not sleep, then it becomes
permanent.  Then after this state of Self Realization, even if a Jnani
sleeps it becomes permanent.  This is what Tayumanavar says Thoongamal thoongi sukam peruvathu ekkalam?  When shall I sleep without sleep.  Gita says that when everyone sleeps, the Jnani keeps awake.  It means only that he is ever awake in the Experience of the
Self.  For him sleep does not cut off the experience anymore.  Bhagavan also asks in Sri Arunachala Akshara Manamaalai Verse 37:
Sombiyai summa sukam undu urangidil sol veru en gathi Arunachala!

"If I slumber in quiet repose enjoying the Bliss of Being, what other moksha is there, tell me, O Arunachala!" 

A Brahma Jnani like Bhagavan Ramana has also slept, dreamt, and kept awake but His permanent abidance in the Self is not lost.
It is irreversible.  Only for the seeker this Consciousness should
be attained while wide awake. If sleep comes, Bhagavan says,
'it does not matter. You pursue that while getting awake.  Continue the self enquiry, till the abidance becomes permanent.  Thereafter,
the sleep or dream or wakeful state make no difference.'

Arunachala Siva.