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ULLadu Narpadu - 198
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Padamalai verses of Muruganar continue:

Verse 824:  Though you may come to know in great detail the false
principles of the non-Self [anatma tattvas], it will all be wasted effort.

Who am I?:

Question:  Is it necessary for one who longs for release to enquire
into the nature of the categories [tattvas]?

Bhagavan:  Just as one who wants to throw away garbage has no need to analyze it and see what it is, so one who wants to know
the Self has no need to count the number of tattvas or enquire into their characteristics, what he has to do is to reject altogether the
categories [tattvas] that hide the Self.  The world should be considered like a dream.

Verse 1117:  Do not roam around, putting your attention on the non-Self.  Abide in the fullness that is your own real nature, which is the bliss of peace.

Day by Day, entry dated 02.01.1946:

Question:  Is renunciation necessary for Self realization?

Bhagavan:  renunciation and realization are the same.  They
are different aspects of the same state.  Giving up the non-Self
is renunciation.  Inhering in the Self is Jnana or Self realization.
One is the negative and the other the positive aspects of the same single truth.

Day by Day, entry dated 24.07.1946:

Question:  What is Awarness and how can one obtain and cultivate it?     

Bhagavan:  You are Awareness.  Awareness is another name for you.
Since you are Awareness, there is no need to attain or cultivate it.

All that you have to do is to give up being aware of other things.
That is, of the non-Self.  If one gives up being aware of them, then
pure awareness alone remains and that is the Self.

Verse 2096: Why, abandoning the Self, the supreme truth, do you
dally with that which is alien to it?

Verse 966:  Unless the desire for the non-Self completely ceases,
that enduring reality will not be attained.

Verse 2394:  What can the mind, which knows only the non-Self,
do to know the nature of the Atma Swarupam?

Talks No. 78:

Question:  How to find the Atman?

Bhagavan:  There is no investigation into the Atman.  The investigation can only be into the non Self.  Elimination of the
non-Self is alone is possible.  The Self being always self evident,
will shine forth of itself.

Verse 1161:  Do not wander about seeking the non-Self, but
undertake the task of merging with your own nature, Jnana.

Verse 1811:  Those in whose hearts the light of Padam has penetrated will not see the non-Self, the cause of misery.

Talks No. 485:

Bhagavan:  Again, people often ask how the mind is controlled.
I say to them, 'Show me the mind and then you will know what to do'. The fact that the mind is only a bundle of thoughts.  How can
you extinguish it by the thought of doing so or by a desire.  Your thoughts and desires are part and parcel of the mind.  The mind is simply fattened by new thoughts rising up.  Therefore, it is foolish to attempt t o kill the mind, by means of the mind.  The only way
of doing it is to find its source and hold on to it. The mind will
then fade away of its own accord.  Yoga teaches Chitta-vritti nirodha
[control of the activities of the mind].  But I say Atma Vichara [Self
Enquiry or Self-investigation.].  This is the practical way.  Chitta
vritti nirodha is brought about in sleep, swoon or starvation.  As soon as the cause is withdrawn there is recrudescence of thoughts.
Of what use it is then?  In the state of stupor there is peace and no misery.  Bu misery recurs when the stupor is removed.  So nirodha
[control] is useless and cannot be of lasting benefit.

(All English renderings of Padamalai verses are from David Godman.)

Arunachala Siva.