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Hanuman Chalisa - Verse 14 And 15
« on: June 15, 2010, 01:14:57 PM »
Verse 14

Raghupati Kinhi bahut badai
Tum mam priye Bharat-hi sam bhai

Verse 14 Meaning

Shri Raghupati (Shri Ram) lustily extolled your excellence and said: "You are as dear to me as my own brother Bharat."

Verse 15

Sahas badan tumharo yash gaave
Us kahi Shripati kanth lagaave

Verse 15 Meaning

Thousands of living beings are chanting hymns of your glories;saying thus, Shri Ram warmly hugged him (Shri Hanuman).


In Verse 14 Tulasidas tells us that Lord Shri Rama treats lord hanuman as his own brother bharat.

We know that in ramayan bharat is son of kaikeyi who is 3rd wife of dhasarat maharaj.Because of manthra kaikeyi got spoiled and she did not allow Lord rama to be king as she wants her son bharat to be the king and made lord rama to go to exile(jungle) for 14 years.

But bharat is a great admirer to Lord Rama and he did not admire to be the king in absence of Lord rama.

So to conclude even in this verse 14 tulasidas wants to glorify the importance of bhakti(devotion) aspect.

In Verse 15 Tulasidas tells us that lord shriram is very happy for his beloved "devotee" as many living beings are singing hymns of glories of lord hanuan.

Though there may be many so called pesudo devotees and fake swamijis/gurus in this kali yuga but hard indeed is to get a devotee like Lord hanuman for Lord Shri Rama.

Ramana Maharshi used to say

People imagine that the devotees crowding around a jnani get special favours from him. If a Guru shows partiality, how can he be a jnani? Is he so foolish as to be flattered by people's attendance on him and the service they do? Does distance matter? The Guru is pleased with him only who gives himself up entirely, who abandons his ego forever. Such a man is taken care of wherever he may be. He need not pray. God looks after him unasked. The frog lives by the side of the fragrant lotus, but it is the bee that gets the honey.

So here bee is lord hanuman and fragrant lotus is the guru/god/lord Shiram.

For Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa Swami Vivekananda is the blessed devotee who has revived hinduism to the globe.

Even for ramana maharshi there are many sincere devotees like Murugunar,Kavyakanta Muni,Suri Nagamma and many others.

Guru ramana is indeed a blessed devotee/disciple for Lord Arunachala(Siva) which is again within and not outside.

I am sure "Where can we get another like him" is our typical reaction when we hear life history of guru ramana maharshi.