Author Topic: S.S Cohen Recollects How Once An Andhra Women Complained Regarding Her husband  (Read 1398 times)


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An Andhra women entered in a huff, prostrated before Bhagavan and started shouting:“Give me my husband. You took him from me and you must return him to me. I am starving and he is without a job. The school in which he works does not want him anymore. He comes here without taking leave. The first and the second escapades of his were condoned, but they cannot allow him unrestrained freedom forever. Please make him live the normal life of a husband and a responsible man.” The man concerned was seen huddled near the north window and laughing in a subdued tone.

Bhagavan told the woman that he had nothing to do with her husband’s behaviour. “This hall is open day and night, permitting anyone to enter or quit. There is your husband, let him say if I have at any time asked him to come or go.”

The man all of a sudden began to shout: “Then who made me come but you? After Sri Aurobindo’s darshan I took the train to go to Andhra, but when I reached Villupuram my feet refused to enter the Andhra train and took the train to this place. Who did it but Bhagavan? I am perfectly willing to return home if Bhagavan releases me.”

Bhagavan was almost struck dumb at the cheek of this man.
In all truth Bhagavan consciously had nothing to do with it and told the man that it was his own imagination which had fancied this story – that it was delusion, not truth, and that if he returned home with his wife he was most welcome.

The man answered he would return after two or three days, not now. “Let her go and I will follow.” The woman said she would return and shot out of the hall to have a small chat with her husband outside.She apparently left Tiruvannamalai that very day, for we never saw her again on that day or the next, although we saw him many times throughout the remaining 13 or 14 years of Bhagavan’s life.



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Dear prasanth,

Nice anecdote.

What attracted the husband?  What did not attract the wife?
Many such inexplicable things had happened in the presence of
Bhagavan.  Sri Arunachala Akshara Mana Maalai, Verse 86 says:

Destroy my craze for the world, make me crazy for You.  And then
finally remove all madness once for all, O Arunachala!

In a few exceptional cases, Bhagavan Ramana attracted both
the husband and the wife. Arthur Osborne and Luica Osborne,
Mahalakshmi Amma and her husband - are some examples.

Arunachala Siva.