Author Topic: S.S Cohen Recollects A Incident Related To Guru Ramana And A Lady Squirrel  (Read 1464 times)


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“On the 24th. instant at 10-30 a.m. the Master was dozing. A female squirrel leapt on his couch and bit his thumb which he quickly pulled back and stroked, remarking,‘I’ll not feed her.’

Other squirrels crowded on his couch and for half an hour he continued to feed them with cashew nuts,one nut at a time to each. Then he turned to us and, pointing to one of them, said: ‘This She-squirrel has been trying to fool me, thinking I do not recognise her, and so shall feed her.

Once she comes from this side, once from the other,once from under the couch and once from above it. But I recognise her very well. She shall not have anything,’ and laughed. At that the following vague thought crossed my mind: ‘Where is the Christ’s injunction that if a man slaps you on one cheek offer him the other?’

“Today a squirrel jumped from the window to the couch.The Master looked at it intently. He gave it a nut, then another and addressed it: ‘Now go. Have you come to bite me again?’

I quickly guessed that that was the guilty squirrel of four days ago and wondered how Sri Bhagavan recognised it and relented.Nevertheless, I asked him if my guess was right, and he confirmed it.After a while the same squirrel came back for more nuts. Usually the Master continues to feed the animals till of their own accord they cease to come.

But to this one he refused to give again and, seeing it persisting, he lifted his fan in threat, which made it disappear at once. Then he sat with pensive look and a faint smile on his face.



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Dear prasanth,

Nice post.

Bhagavan Ramana had always a peculiar knack of punishing the
guilty mildly.  He is full of compassion, He never ill-treated a
guilty being for ever.  Once Annamalai Swami was asked to distribute some sweets.  The sweets were quite nice and Annamalai Swami also had one sweet first, as per Bhagavan's advice.  After distributing  sweets to one and all, and when he came out of the Hall and served the people there also, he found one sweet still remaining. He quickly put it into his mouth and came with the empty tray back to the Hall.

Nothing can be hidden from Bhagavan Ramana.  He asked Annamalai Swami, in a strict tone:  "Have you taken one extra sweet?"  Annamalai Swami nodded his head.  That is all.  He never
said anything further.  A mere question to imply that nothing can
be hidden from Him, was enough punishment.

Arunachala Siva.