Author Topic: Sadhu Om Says Clinging To Self-attention Is Similar To Scraping Off The Rust  (Read 1496 times)


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The nature of a needle lying within a magnetic field is to be attracted and pulled only when its rust has been removed. But we should not conclude from this that the magnetic power comes into existence only after the rust is removed from the needle.

Is not the magnetic power always naturally existing in that field? Although the needle was all the while lying in the magnetic field, it is affected by the attraction of the magnet only to the extent that it loses its rust.

All that we try to do by way of giving up second and third attention and clinging to Self-attention is similar to scraping off the rust.

So the result of all our endeavours is to make ourself it to become a prey to the attraction of the magnetic field of pure consciousness the Heart, which is ever shining engulfing all (that is reducing the whole universe to non-existence) with spreading rays of Self-effulgence.

Mature aspirants will willingly and without rebelling submit themselves to this magnetic power of the Grace of Self-effulgence. Others, on the other hand, will become extroverted (that is, will turn their attention outwards) fearing the attraction of this power.

Source: The Path of Sri Ramana PART ONE The J├▒ana aspect of the teaching By Sri Sadhu Om


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The rust is the ego and the vasanas.

Sivaprakasam Pillai asks Bhagavan in Who am I?;  Whether the
age old vasanas can be cleared off, and whether one can still
attain Atma Swarupam.

Bhagavan Ramana replies:  Without giving room for such doubts,
if one could constantly engage in meditation on the Atma Swarupam,
he will get well and attain the goal.

In Sri Arunachala Ashtakam, Bhagavan Ramana also says:  Rubbing the mind with the mind, so that the mind will become Ruby.  What
is 'rubbing the mind with the mind'?  It is constant attacking of
asubha vasanas with subha vasanas.  It is like clearing the rust
of the needle by rubbing it on a hard piece of rock. 
Arunachala Siva.