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ULLadu Narpadu - 188
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Muruganar covers the message of Verse 29 of ULLadu Narpadu in
a few of his verses in Guru Vachaka Kovai:

Verse 899:  Listen [to me as I tell you], the way to merge with
Swarupam that remains as the core as [pure] consciousness within
the [objectifying] consciousness, supporting it.  To train the consciousness that perceives objects to pay attention to itself is the way for it to turn Selfwards and remain sunk in the Heart.

Verse 900:  Pure Sivam is only the true essence of consciousness
that shines without anything else within it.  Therefore, the attainment of Siva-Swarupam is remaining as the Self, having become focused within, with one's consciousness, having become clear, still and free from confusion.

Verse 901:  The radiance of consciousness-bliss [Chidananda] that blossoms identically as the form of consciousness, both within and
without, is the primal entity whose nature is the mauna that is wholly transcendental bliss, and which is established by Jnanis
as the summit of true Jnana that can never be rejected.

Verse 902:  Since the Reality, the Perfect One, is completely established as wholly mauna, why suffer distress by continuously
thinking 'I am That'?  When the mind has reached this state of mauna, this indeed is the establishment in the supreme, which is
abidance, with the "I" extinguished.  Once the "I" has completely
died, there is absolutely no possibility of thinking "I am That".

Muruganar adds here:  It is said in the Tiruvachakam, "Lord Siva
of Holy Tiruperundurai, who wore me down, more, to an atom's size, till I, becoming less and less with Him!*  See the following Venba
in which Tayumanavar beautifully describes Jnana, the non dual

Why day and night, shout "I am That" loudly referring to the Reality whose bliss is ineffable?  Those who have attained he auspicious
Siva, Jnana say that in the state of true mauna there is no "I".**

* Kovil Tirupadigam - Decad on Kovil (Chidambaram) - Tiruvachakam,
Song 22, Verse 7.

** Tayumanavar, Udal Poyyuravu, Song 28, Verse 25.

Talks No. 338:-

Question:  Is not affirmation of God more effective than the quest
'Who am I?'  Affirmation is positive, whereas the other is negative.
Moreover, it indicates separateness.

Bhagavan:  So long as you seek to know how to realize, this advice is given to find your Self.  Your seeking the method denotes your

Question:  Is it not better to say 'I am the Supreme Being?'  than
ask 'Who am I?'

Bhagavan:  Who affirms?  There must be one to do it.  Find that one.

Question:  Is not meditation better than investigation?

Bhagavan:  Meditation implies mental energy, whereas investigation is for [reaching] the Reality.  The former is objective, whereas the latter is subjective.

Question:  There must be a scientific approach to this subject.

Bhagavan:  To eschew unreality and seek the Reality is scientific.       

Talks No. 30:

Question:  If we think 'I am the real' will it do?

Bhagavan:  All thoughts are inconsistent with realization.  The correct state is to exclude thoughts of ourselves and all other thoughts.  Thought is one thing and realization is another.

Arunachala Siva.