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ULLadu Narpadu - 185
« on: June 14, 2010, 10:07:54 AM »

Mauna or silence is observed at many levels.  The grosser is at
the level of speech.  For the beginners, this helps to prevent unnecessary wastage of energy due to worldly gossip.  A reflective
mind is also said to be in mauna.  A mind in deep contemplation
is in mauna and the highest is 'yasmaad vaacho nivartante aparaapya
manasaa saha tad maunam.'  'There from where speech and mind
return without attaining' - the true state of Being.

Charcha or discussion, can be with others initially but later it is
within ourselves that we should discuss about our true state.  The
intellect satisfies questions of the mind with the help of knowledge
acquired from the Guru.

When a deeply contemplated mind discusses or investigates
within, about one's roots, it is true Self inquiry.  With subtle
discrimination, we distinguish 'that which we are' from 'that
which we are not'.  I am not the body, senses or the mind.
I am the witnessing consciousness.  These thoughts should
not be the repetition of learned words, but realization of the fact.  For example, under the influence of alcohol, I thought I was a
beggar.  When I am sober, I realize I am not.  Such an assertive
flow of thoughts, regarding my true nature, removes the wrong
notion and habits of the mind which is sued to living as a limited
entity.  With continuous practice, these thoughts lead us to an egoless state of being.

Diving in silence by the mind, inquiring about one's root alone
is true self enquiry.  "This I am" and "This is not my nature" -
these thoughts are a limb of true enquiry and shall be helpful.

Arunachala Siva.