Author Topic: Sri Shankaracharya says only stillness of mind can get rid of Samsara  (Read 1321 times)


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D.: Cannot samsara be got rid of by any means other than making the mind still?

M.: Absolutely by no other means; neither the Vedas, nor the shastras nor austerities, nor karma, nor vows, nor gifts, nor recital of scriptures of mystic formulae (mantras), nor worship, nor anything else, can undo the samsara. Only stillness of mind can accomplish the end and nothing else.

D.: The scriptures declare that only Knowledge can do it. How then do you say that stillness of the mind puts an end to samsara?

M.: What is variously described as Knowledge, Liberation, etc., in the scriptures, is but stillness of mind.

D.: Has any one said so before?

M.: Sri Vasishta had said: When by practice the mind stands still, all illusions of samsara disappear, root and branch. Just as when the ocean of milk was churned for its nectar, it was all rough, but became still and clear after the churn (viz., mount Mandara) was taken out, so also the mind becoming still, the samsara falls to eternal rest.


Originally Sri Shankaracharya and other great Sages had written several works like the commentary on the Vedanta Sutras and thus furnished the methods for those engaged in Self enquiry to accomplish their purpose.

From those, Sri Karapatra Swami later condensed the salient points into Sanskrit verse in a work of twelve chapters,called Sri Advaita Bodha Deepika.

Still later, some great man seems to have translated this into Tamil prose.


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Bhagavan Ramana has also said the same thing under Question
6 of Who am I?, while describing the nature of Atma Swarupam:

The state where there is not even a trace of I-thought is Atma
Swarupam.  It is also called mounam, [silence or stillness of mind].

Arunachala Siva.