Author Topic: Samkhya (Sankhya) and Advaita  (Read 4115 times)


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Samkhya (Sankhya) and Advaita
« on: August 23, 2008, 11:14:11 PM »

How are these two schools related?
Is Purusha=Nirguna Brahman, Prakriti=Saguna Brahman?

Quote from:
Broadly, the Samkhya system classifies all objects as falling into one of the two categories: Purusha and Prakriti. Metaphysically, Samkhya maintains a radical duality between spirit/consciousness (Purusha) and matter (Prakrti).

    * Purusha

Purusha is the Transcendental Self or Pure Consciousness. It is absolute, independent, free, imperceptible, unknowable, above any experience and beyond any words or explanation. It remains pure, “nonattributive consciousness ”. Purusha is neither produced nor does it produce.

    * Prakriti

Prakriti is matter. Matter is inert, temporary, and unconscious. It is composed of three qualities (trigunas) of the self. They are:

        * sattva - mental makeup, symbolized by the color white
        * rajas - life energy in feelings, not mentality, passionate attachments, symbolized by the color red
        * tamas - physical, gross stuff (bones, blood, skin)

Quote from:
Advaitins believe in the existence of both Saguna Brahman and Nirguna Brahman, however they consider Nirguna Brahman to be the absolute supreme truth.



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Re: Samkhya (Sankhya) and Advaita
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2008, 11:28:32 AM »
Dear who,  in Sankhya philosphy, there is a Purusha (the Supreme
Brahman, with attributes, saguna) and Prakriti, (jiva with three
gunas) and there are 24 other tattvas, principles, like five elements,
five senses etc.,  Sankhya said that Prakriti should join the Purusha
in the heavens, after death.  Advaita said that Prakriti should
merge in Brahman in life or at the time of death, and there is no
question of 'joining' or 'heavens'.  Kapila is said to have coded
the Sankhya philosophy.  Sankhya sometimes also refers to the

Arunachala Siva.