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ULLadu Narpadu - 181
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Muruganar covers in his verses of Guru Vachaka Kovai, the message
of Verse 28 of ULLadu Narpadu:-

Verse 844:  Peace, which is authentic bliss, will not spring forth
except in a heart, from which the knot has been uprooted.  Enquire,
keenly, therefore, and with the sharp sword of atma vichara, cut off the ego, the misery-generating delusion.

Verse 845:  Dig out and throw away the tuber-root, the body ego,
with the pointed tip of he sword of grace, the Mauna that arises in the Heart by continuous Jnana Vichara.  This is the means by whcih the bliss of peace overflows and envelops you. 

Verse 846:  Be aware that the "I am the body" ego is truly the one unique cause of all the sorrows of samsara.  Therefore, make genuine, firm and steady efforts to destroy the ego, and desist
from making any other kind of effort.

Verse 725:  Unless the Lord of the Jiva, who abides within, pulls the mind inward through the power of His grace, who can, through the power of the activities of the stealthy mind, possibly check and reverse the outward-rushing nature of the mind, enter the Heart,
and gain excellence of peace?

Bhagavan: {In Padamalai Verses 906 and 1539}:- The loss of 'I' can never be fully and perfectly accomplished by sadhana alone, the effort of the Jiva. Without the shining light of grace, what can the insignificant jiva do to escape from the net of delusion and gain clarity?

(See also here Day by Day, entry dated 27th June 1946)

Verse 1189:  By turning towards the Self, a person should dive
within and inquire: "Who is the bogus independent entity who
says "I"? Through that enquiry, he should die willingly in the Atma
Swarupam, which is devoid of the ego, the which is the true form of God.  The excellence of the state of Mauna that then shines, and with which he is indistinguishably merged, is the consummation
of the practice of surrender. 

Verse 1192:  The ego is the reflection, of the Self in the water of the mind, which is constantly throwing out the thought waves.
If one searches for the method to still its movement, the correct
way to cling to the Self, the true import of the ego,as the object,
remaining determinedly still, paying no attention to that reflection
which makes one slip away from one's true state.

Verse 446:  As reality, the source of the 'I' exists in such a way,
that it can be known only in an extremely subtle way, those with minds that have the impurity of being obsessed with gross forms cannot know it. 

{See also here Vichara Sangraham, Q and A No. 11}.

(All Guru Vachaka Kovai verses - translations from David Godman's book.)

Arunachala Siva.