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ULLadu Narpadu - 179
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Muruganar in his Padamalai, covers the message of Verse 28 of
ULLadu Narpadu, in a few of his verses in that work.

Verse 2128:  If the experience of the Self merges with you, the base
delusion of 'I' and 'mine' will be dead.

Verse 1714:  The best kind of renunciation is remaining in that state
in which the mind holds extremely tight to the Swarupam.

Verse 1685:  Knowing one's real nature, the abiding truth, is merely renouncing one's infatuation for the triputis that veil it.

Verse 1042:  If you attain perfect mastery of internal renunciation, external renunciation will have no importance. 

Internal renunciation is renunciation of the go, whereas external
renunciation is giving up possessions.  It is the former that results in enlightenment.  Bhagavan sometimes illustrated this point by
telling the story of King Sikhidvaja who unnecessarily gave up his   
kingdom and retired to the forest to seek enlightenment.

Talks No. 404:-

Bhagavan:  He [the king] had non attachment even while ruling
his kingdom and could have realized the Self if he had only pushed
his Vairagya to the point of killing the ego.  He did not do it but
came to the forest, had a time table of tapas, and yet did not improve even after 18 years of tapas.  He had made himself a victim
of his own creation.  Chudala [his enlightened queen] advised him
to to give up the ego and realize the Self, which he did and was liberated.  It is clear from Chudala's stroy that Vairagya accompanied by ego is of no value, whereas all possessions in the absence of ego do not matter.

Verse 1375:  For those who have abandoned their ego mind, what other things besides that are left that are worthy of being renounced?

Verse 2298:  Renunciation, glorious and immaculate, is the total
extirpation of the impure ego mind.

Verse 1290:  Only those who have renounced the ego-mind have utterly renounced.  What have all the others, who may have given up other things, really renounced?

Arunachala Siva.