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ULLadu Narpadu - 174
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Padmalai verses continue:

Verse 2649:  The spiritual practice adopted by the Jiva becomes complete upon the destruction of the ego at its source.

Verse 2742:  Like the moth [in the flame], a Jiva on which the shining of the light of Swarupam, has fallen will be annihilated, becoming
the supreme. [Naan udiya uLLa nilai].

Verse 2129:  The experience of Atma Jnana, the realization that
one is bodiless, is the liberation of the Jiva who regarded himself as the body.

Verse 2426:  For the Jiva who has realized the truth, that truth
itself will help in uniting it with liberation.

Verse 2639:  Only he in whom the "I" is dead, will know the union of Jiva with the supreme, which is the full, non dual experience.
(Naam aduvai uLLa nilai.)

Verse 2927:  The Jiva that has succeeded in annihilating its ego-
ridden mind in the Self, which is pure consciousness, will itself
become the consciousness, the supreme.

Verse 1181:  For the good Jiva, that has attained Jnana, grace,
there is never ever any pramada [forgetfulness of the Self],
the darkness of ignorance.

Verse 2103:  In the Atma Swarupam, the supreme, pramada is always a complete folly for the Jiva.

Verse 1379:  Drowining [the Jiva] in the Heart, in such a way
that no thought arises for any reason -- this is the grace, the power of the Self, who is the Lord of the Jiva.

Verse 440:  Neither in this world, nor anywhere else does there exist for you a malevolent enemy like the ego.

Verse 1136:  Enquire within and know the source of he ego so that the ego departs and the experience of Atma Swarupam surges.

Verse 1229:  If you enquire within yourself and know the nature of the powerful ego-ghost, then, like the [presumed] best man, it will run away and disappear. 

(See here Talks No. 612 and 146 for the story of the best man.)

Verse 718:  Like an onion, the ego appearance is an unreal thing
that consists of a combination of [many tattvas].  When enquired
into, it will be found to have no swarupam.

Verse 2214:  As long as the ego exists, how can one see, with a ramifying mind, the truth of oneself?

Arunachala Siva.