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ULLadu Narpadu - 173
« on: June 11, 2010, 11:43:27 AM »

Muruganar in his Padamalai verses covers the message of Verse
27 of ULLadu Narpadu:-

Verse 1710:  Jiva-nature, the ignorant ego that does not remain
in pure, true, Jnana Vichara - is a non existent entity.

Verse 2637:  If the delusion of the Jiva, the false 'I am the body'
idea is destroyed (Naan udiyadu uLLa nilai), the nature of the Jiva
will be the form of true bliss, Sivam. (Naam adhuvai uLLa nilai).

Verse 1460:  The Jiva that has been parted from the ego will shine
as the superlative space of consciousness, transcending the furthest extremities of the universe.

Verse 1374:  For your Jiva, the only true connection is with the
state of bliss.  How then, is there association with the miserable world?

Verse 2384:  None of the adherence of the different faiths can
explain how the delusion of association with the mind has arisen for the Jiva. 

Verse 2541:  Know that the Jiva suffers like a fool because of its close association with that buffoon, the mind. 

Verse 1091:  Unless activity of the senses that operate through the consciousness of the Jiva totally ceases, it will be extremely difficult to achieve union with that divine consciousness, which is the bliss of the Self.

Verse 692: The state of existing as a Jiva, which makes its living by changing its form endlessly, is one of the extreme shame.

Verse 693:  Now that you have seen and become aware of this wonder, which is an injustice, from now on at least, it will be proper
to embrace the life of truth.

Verse 203:  Wasting away through failing to see that light that shines as the source of the life is indeed the misfortune of the Jiva.

Verse 2249:  Until the Jiva knows that its own essential nature is matchless bliss, it will, like the musk deer, be confused.

Verse 1447:  If the Jiva parts company with the clarity of consciousness, it will not find intimacy anywhere else.

Verse 2077:  Only the unique truth of oneself can become the haven for the Jiva.  Other than this, no other true  exists anywhere at any time.  (Naan udiya uLLa nilai, naam adhuvai uLLa nilai.)

Verse 327:  Wherever the mind may roam, forgetting its own nature, its final destination is the Self.

(See here Sri Arunachala Ashtakam, Verse 8)

Verse 2660:  The main obligation of the Jiva is to absorb into the
Self that objective consciousness [suttarivu] that knows the non-
Self, so that ignorance is destroyed.

Verse 2059:  Except in Mauna, wherein veiling has been completely cleared away, union with the Self is not possible for the Jiva.

(Translations of Padamalai verses from David Godman's book.)

Arunachala Siva.