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Panchadasi - (80)
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The Chapter IV continues....

Verse 52:-  You may say:  Let there be no liberation in life.
I am satisfied if there is no birth anymore. We reply:- Then,
if the desires remain, you will have further births also.  You
So, be satisfied with heaven only.

(Heaven is there only for a certain period.  After the expiration
of merits, one has to be born again.  So is the case with hell.
Only liberation by merging with Brahman is everlasting.)

Verse 53:-  If you say that the pleasures of heaven are defective,
having waning and gradation effect, and so are to be reonounced,
then, why don't you give up this source of all evils, the passions,
now itself?

(The heavenly stay is only for a period.  Further, there are
gradations!  There is also jealousy between one god and
another god, they fight with each other.  Like Indra fought
with several fellows.)

Verse 54:- If cherishing the false idea that you have attained
liberation, you do not give up these passions, you transgress
then the laws of the scriptures and are self-willed.

(Thinking that you are a Brahma Jnani, self realized person,
do not transgress the laws.  If you do so, you will be making
a double fault.  A truly self realized Brahma Jnani, himself
will not transgress the laws and behave improperly, unless
such injunctions are not by themselves true, but merely
superstitions.  Bhagavan, though against caste and creed,
permitted separate rows for eating,  for Brahmins and others in
the Ashram.  He used to sit at the head of the middle of the
rows, for eating!  There was a lunar eclipse on an evening.
It was between 7 pm and 9 pm.   So Chinnaswami arranged for
night dinner well before 7 pm, unlike the usual time of 7.30 pm.
When the bell rang for dinner, Bhagavan noticing the early
call asked, "What is it?"  Devotees said that there is an
eclipse and all but a few moved out for dinner.  Bhagavan
did not move  and took food only at the usual time of 7.30 pm!)

Verse 55:-  Sri Suresvara says that one who pretends to be
a knower of Brahman and yet livesw without  moral restraint,
is like a god that eats unclean things.

(Naishkarmya Siddhi 6.62 of Sri Suresvara; Vedanta Sara 273)

Verse 56:-  Before knowledge you suffered only from the pain
of your own mental imperfections, but now, you suffer the
censure of the world as well.  How well is the effect of your

To be contd.....

Arunachala Siva.