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ULLadu Narpadu - 170
« on: June 10, 2010, 11:25:06 AM »

T.R. Kanakammal writes on this Verse:  (abridged)

The earlier verse speaks of the extended manifestation of the ego,
while this one speaks of the loftiness of the state of non rising
of the ego or the loss of ego and the exalted fullness, that survives
the extinction of the ego-self.  Naan, "I" (Jada) is Chit-jada-granti.
If Naan "I" (Jada) is lost, Chit alone remain.  And there is no jada.
When the ego is swallowed up, one becomes one with Him, and that is the vision of the Self and the vision of God. As the ego is all, the world, Jiva, and Iswara rise simultaneously with ego's rise.
They veil the Truth and the state of Truth un-veiled is the state of peaceful Bliss. It is characterized by the absence of the ego and the unreal manifestations of the mind, with various predilections of the mind like desire, anger, sorrow etc., the dyads and triads of the world and the residual impact of the sense-objects.  This is the state of non rising of the ego, the state where we are, the very
form of pure Self, Sat Chit Ananda.  This Kaivalya.  This is Brahma Nirvana. 

The state of non-rise of ego is the state of loss or extinction of the individuality, Naan udiya uLLa nilai.  "We are that" refers to the
state of being the Atman, the state of non difference with Brahman - Naam adhuvai uLLa nilai.  We can never be That, unless the ego is crushed at its place of origin. We can never be That unless we lose ourselves.  This state is no void but the state of Fullness.  It is
the state of Tat tvam asi, That Thou Art. 

Bhagavan Ramana calls it simply as Thannilai, the state of Thaan.  For this the seeker has to do Thannizhappu, the state of losing
the ego.  This is the state of Sahaja stithi or Sahaja Samadhi.

How to reach that state of That?  It is by diving deep into the place of origin of the ego, the egoless state is attained.  The mind is
dissolved in the Self - the substratum -, it will never rise again.
It is like a river merging with the ocean, vide Sri Arunachala Pancha ratnam, Verse 3.

Arunachala Siva.