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ULLadu Narpadu - 167
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Muruganar covers in certain other places of his Guru Vachaka Kovai,
the message of Verse 26 of ULLadu Narpadu:

Verse 854:  The vicious ego is a mere appearance that perceives
the sense perceptions that arise through objectified knowing.
Unless, by losing themselves and becoming Siva's prey, both [ego
and sense of perceptions] perish in the state of Sivam, that shines
as consciousness, the supreme, it will be impossible to merge with the Supreme Self.

Verse 855:  Will the state of Atma-Swarupa, which is your own
and which exists as absolute stillness, become evident to the base and unstable mind?  Unless the ego sense, which is the shackle between chit and jada [consciousness and inert body] dies completely, your real nature will no flourish.

Verse 856:  The sprouting forth of the ego "I" between the inert body and consciousness is the cause of for the loss of the heavenly bliss whose nature is the peace that is innate to all.  Kaivalyam [oneness], that state of Indra which has been lost through pramada [forgetfulness of the Self], cannot therefore be regained except by slaying the usurper of that state, the asura Vrittira [demon arch enemy of Indra in Puranas - thought forms here], the profitless ego that rises repeatedly as 'I'.

Verse 858:  Only by your death and not by any other means can you enter the world of liberation, the undivided Atma Swarupam, the space of consciousness.  If it is then asked: 'How to die and cease to exist?', [the answer is] it is only by putting to death the source
of bondage, the delusion of 'I' and 'mine'.  However, killing the body is wrong. 

Verse 861:  The existence of the ego, which connects us to the fleshy body, will end only by the enquiry 'Who am I?', which is
paying attention to one's real nature.

Verse 862:  Destroying one's false ego in consciousness and getting condensed [into consciousness] is the shining of pure being.

Verse 863:  Know that there can be no experience of true Jnana
except by the destruction of the false delusion, the mind that
proclaims 'I'.

Verse 864:  He whose, ego, the veiling, has subsided in Swarupam
- Consciousness, and who has become wholly forever, will, through
the disappearance of the 'I am the doer' idea, lose all his personal volition, and he will [then] shine with the blissful state, whose nature is peace, flaring up in his Heart.

Verse 865:  The experience of knowledge of the supreme Self will
only arise after the death of the ego-delusion, the Jiva bodha
[individual consciousness] that rises in maya, the trickster, who
[seemingly] performs mighty deeds with sovereign authority.   

Arunachala Siva.