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ULLadu Narpadu - 166
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Muruganar covers in other places of his Guru Vachaka Kovai, the
concept of ego and ego forms.

Verse 717:  The literal meaning of the word "I" is the ego, that
limits itself to the body.  Because it [the ego] appears and disappears,
when you examine it, you will know that the Self, the abiding substratum of the ego, is the definitive import [of the word 'I'].

Bhagavan:  In the state where "I" subsides,
an awareness "I-I" will of itself arise.
This is the reality that embraces all.
Such is ever the true meaning of this word "I",
for even in the deepest sleep
where "I" is not, we do not cease to be.
                      - Upadesa Undiyar, Verses 20-21 (Tr.David Godman).

Verse 718:  The ego-self, signified by the word 'you' [tvam], which
is merely a word, is actually non-existent.  The best devotee is only that valiant one, who through the intense peace signified by the word 'art' [asi], destroys himself in the state of consciousness,
the eternal Sivam, that abides shining as the meaning of 'That'

{This is an elaboration of the practical application of the mahavakya, Tat tvam asi, meaning 'That Thou art'.

Verse 719:  That [ego]self is a thought form like a bubble in water,  The valiant one who bursts the bubble in such a way that its bogus identity, the "I" is destroyed and annihilated, in the vast waters of the ocean of peace, which cannot be analysed and known by thought, is alone the most illustrious devotee.

Verse 722L  When you investigate you find that both para-bhakti
[supreme devotion] and Jnana are identical in revealing Swarupam.  To claim that, out of these two, one is but the means to the other is due to knowing the real nature of either.

Muruganar adds here:  Since parabhakti is only the loss of ego,
this state is Jnana Swarupam.

Bhagavan:  To remain, through the power of contemplation, in the state of pure being, beyond thought, is the essential nature of supreme bhakti.   (Upadesa Undiyar, Verse 9).

Verse 738:  Meditation is only the mental imagination of conceiving
oneself to be the supreme reality that shines as Sat Chit Ananda.
Enquiry is to establish the mind in the Self such that the seed of e false delusion [the mind] perishes.

Verse 740:  How can one's source, which can be experienced only
after the ego-self has been completely annihilated, be thought of,
via the ego, as 'I am That'?  To remain silent in one's "I" [the Self],
with the ego destroyed, is the proper course.

{All translations of Guru Vachaka Kovai verses are from David

Arunachala Siva.