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ULLadu Narpadu - 164
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Muruganar in his some Padamalai verses, has given the ideas of Verse
26 of ULLadu Narpadu:-

Verse 442: Just as the source of all virtue is the real "I", the source
of accumulation of sins is the false and deceitful "I".

Verse 1227:  The ego, which is the very personification of evil, is a great ocean in which all sins dwell together.

Verse 688: Padam questions: "What sin will the ego - the thief who habituates one to the erroneous belief that one is the body - not commit?"

Verse 1305:  Since the ego stands as the accumulation of all sins,
its destruction constitutes all that is virtuous.

Verse 1235:  Only after the ego "I" has been completely destroyed,
will Self experience arise.

Verse 1312: Unless you eradicate completely the obsession with the ego-mind, knowing it to be an extremely powerful poison, there will
be no bliss in your heart.

Verse 1376:  For those who have attained the unique greatness of ego-loss, which is the greatest of all good fortunes, there is no other fortune, to desire and attain.

Verse 2992:  Only the destruction of the false ego, which is a corruption of dharma, excels as the true Siva dharma.

Verse 1268:  True realization is the assured state which has that steadfast strength which derives from the death of that source of forgetfulness, the deluding ego.

Verse 929:  The moment you uproot and overthrow the mischievous ego, lordship over the world of liberation will flood your heart.

Verse 579:  'Kill me.  If you do not, I will kill you now.' Challenging in this way, this ego will rise.

Verse 580:  Kill the cruel ego that rules tyrannically before it kills you.

Verse 581:  Unless you annihilate it completely, in such a way,
that it ceases to exist, you will not be able, in however small a measure, to experience the bliss of peace.

Verse 583:  While it is alive, the ego is death.  The death of the ego is life.  This riddle is indeed difficult to understand.

Verse 1459:  The ego that has subsided and died in the Heart, will attain the greatness of the Self and surge like a vast ocean.

Verse 1020:  When the ego is destroyed, the truth of the Self will shine undivided, extending to the farthest extremities of the four quarters of the universe.

Verse 1736: Why abuse God instead of killing the misery-inducing ego, which is ignorant pride?

One can also go through Day by Day entry, dated 2.11.1945:

Question:  What is the best way of killing the ego?

Bhagavan: To each person that way is the best which appears easiest or appeals most.  All the ways are equally good, as they lead to the same goal, which is the merging of the ego in the Self.  What the bhakta (devotee) calls surrender, the man who does vichara [self enquiry] calls Jnana.  Both are trying only to take the ego back to the source from which it sprang and make it merge there.

Arunachala Siva.