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ULLadu Narpadu - 162
« on: June 08, 2010, 11:12:23 AM »

T.R. Kanakammal writes in her commentary on Verse 26:-

The ego is the reason for the rise and functioning of the entire
world phenomena. All the empirical activities and experiences,
but for the ego, are not.  The ego has a five-fold function. It
creates, dissolves, veils, sustains and bestows, like God.  It reigns
at will, creating and destroying as per its own whims and fancies.
As the entire world is within the fold of the ego, Bhagavan says,
"Ego is all."  (Ahandaiye yaavum adhalaal.)

How to destroy an ego so powerful? Bhagavan teaches us an easy way.  To know by enquiry its origin, is tantamount to destroy it.
Ego, a substance, devoid of true content, is vanquished on mere enquiry, rendering it a witness and a proof, needless, as the demand for either can be only from the ego, which would mean the elimination of the ego is not total.  Until enquired into, it remains as if the solid truth, unshakeable in every way, reinforcing itself with the experiences gone through and the vasanas registered.  On enquiry into its source, it departs leaving no trace behind.

All sastraic injunctions advocate that one desirous of liberation must renounce everything with supreme dispassion and by the
progressive process of sravana [listening], manana [reflection] and nidhidhyasana [contemplation or meditation] on the truth of sastras, must try to know oneself.  Even if one feels that everything left to be renounced, there will still be something left to be given up, for the ego is capable of generating fresh attachments.  Hence the first and the foremost upadhi to be renounced is the ego.  Retaining the ego and renouncing other things is like cutting the branches one by one in order to remove the tree.  By the time some branches are cut, others will sprout and grow.  The best way is is to cut at the root.  Renunciation of the ego is renunciation of everything else.  There is glory in the loss of the ego.  One who renounces one's ego is the emperor among renunciates.  Sarva sangha parithyaham [total renunciation] is nothing but crushing the ego at its place of origin or to cut it at its very source.

Arunachala Siva.