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ULLadu Narpadu - 161
« on: June 08, 2010, 10:53:42 AM »

Let us now see Verse 26 of ULLadu Narpadu:-

Bhagavan's Tamil Version:

Ahandai undaayin anaitum undahum
Ahandai indrel indratu anaitum - Ahandaiye
Yaavumam aadalaal yadu idu endru-naadale
Ovudal yavum ena or.

Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni's Sanskrit Version:

Bgaave'hamah sarvam idam vibhaati
Laye' hamo naiva vibhaati kinchit |
Tasmaad-aham-rupam-idam samastam
Tanmaaganam sarva jayaaya maargah ||

Sri Lakshmana Sarma's Sanskrit Version:

Etaminnahamaakhyake samudite sarvam jagachodiyaat
No chedastyahamityayam na cha bhavatyetajjagat kinchana |
Tatsarvam hyahamakhyakah svayamatah ko'sau kutassambhavet
Ityevam nijamaarganam bhavati yat tat sarvahaanam bhavet ||


The world is experienced only in the existence of the ego and seems to disappear only when the ego disappears.  That which is in the
beginning and the end alone appears as the experience between.  For example, clay is there before the post came into existence.
It remains after the pot breaks.  So the clay alone appears as the pot.  The world similarly is of the form of the ego.  But we know from previous verses, that the ego is an illusory entity, which borrows its own existence from the pure Self.  So the pure Self aone was, is and will be.  Knowing the Self, the ego and the ego created world of plurality disappear.

All of us wish to conquer the world or part of it.  Many stoop to
any means to conquer it.  We are unable to conquer all and we find that what we conquered also does not stay conquered.  It has to
be reconquered time and again.  In the process, we get conquered
by many a time.  Also when a thing, being or circumstance seems
in our hand, there is always the fear that it may be taken away,
out from under very nose.  This is well understood in politics,
where there is a constant fight for power.  The victor many times
realizes that he is the loser as he has landed up with something he never wanted in the form of misery, fear, hatred of others, etc.,

The most difficult thing to conquer in this world is our own mind/ego.  It requires patience, intelligence, sheet guts etc.,
Having conquered the mind/the ego, the world is conquered as well as it can no longer perturb us or hold us in its power.  When  I
understand my mind/ego, I also gain insight into all minds/egos.

But, having known the source of all minds, by knowing the origin oif the ego, I the pure Self, become the monarch of all I survey, as I find that there is nothing other than me to conquer.  Usually in victory, the victor remains to celebrate his victory, even if the enemy may be slain or captured.  Here there is no enemy and the one attempting victory -- the ego, gives up its separate existence to merge in the Self.

Arunachala Siva.