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Panchadasi - (76)
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The Chapter IV continues,

Verse 22:- The Jiva creates these three feelings of happiness,
disappointment or indifference with regard to gems, but the
nature of  the gems is created by Isvara remains throughout.

Verse 23:-  Through personal relationship, one and the same
woman appears differently as a wife, daughter-in-law, a
sister-in-law, a cousin and a mother.  But she herself, remains

Verse 28:-  Sri Sankara says that just as melted copper
assumes the form of the mould into which it is cast, so the
mind assumes the form of the object perceived by it.

(Upadesa Sahasri 14.3-4;  Brahmasutra Bhashya I.1.12.)

Verse 29:-  Or just as sunlight assumes the form of the
objects which it illumines, so the mind assumes the forms
of objects which it perceived. 

Verse 30:-  Sri Suresvara* holds:  "Out of the cognition
that the Jiva, cognition, an appropriate modification of the
mind is produced.  Thus, born, the modification proceeds
towards the object of cognition until it gets into touch
with the object, when it assumes the form of the object,
whic is known as the cognition of the object."

(*Suresvara is one of the four direct disciples of Sri Sankara,
the other thee being, Padmapada, Hastamalaka and Mandana Misra.
Suresvara is the author of Manasa-ullasa, an advaitic treatise.
This is from 3.6)

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.