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Maha Puja - 06.06.2010 - 5
« on: June 06, 2010, 03:49:42 PM »

Mother Azhagamma had a lot of brahminic presuppositions, in the beginning.  She was
very particular about orthodoxy, taking bath and cooking, eating before the non brahmins
were served food, not touching non brahmins, kitchen culture of brahmins, etc., etc..  Bhagavan Ramana removed these pre-suppositons, none of which were required for
liberation.  Once He told her: "Ayyo, Kunju Swami had touched your drying clothes.
Madi (orthodoxy) is gone.,"  On another occasion, He told her:  "O drum sticks and onions!  These would block your way of liberation."  Amma understood this mild sarcasm and left them one by one. 

One particular greens were liked by her.  She told Akhilandamma to bring them., Ramanatha Brahmachari was the go-between.,  He would bring these greens stealthily, from a distance from Akhilandamma and enter the Skandasramam.  Once Bhagavan
Ramana asked Akhilandamma:  Did Amma ask these from you?  Akhilandamma said:
O no, Bhagavan, I brought it myself ...."  Bhagavan knew the truth.  He said:  "Amma
also would ask, I know.,"       

Once some labourers came from the Hill to Skandasramam asking for some rice gruel.
They were terribly hungry.  Bhagavan asked Kunju Swami to fetch some rice mixed with
water.  Kunju Swami was hesitating since Amma had not then eaten.  Bhagavan understood.  O Amma will look into sesham, (the remains after non brahmins had taken the food, which is forbidden for brahmins.  He called Amma and then said:  "Do you think
these are all poor laborers. They are all Arunachala Swarupam.  Look at them!  Amma
saw them and had a vision that each one was Annamalai and Unnamulai."

The scriptures say:  The Truth is known to one and all.  But Desikan should point it
to you!  Desikan -Guru.  This had happened on that morning!  The disciple - Amma -
understood that Thou art That.

She thus became fit for liberation.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Maha Puja - 06.06.2010 - 5
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2010, 05:18:51 PM »
At the end Azhagamma got liberation. At the time of death Bhagavan sat down and kept His hand on her head till she breathed last. He told AVAL VISHAYATHTHIL SIDHITHIDADU.
There is a line in Sankarabharanam cinema's song. DORUKKUNA ETUVANTI SEVA. Azhagamma was so fortunate mother on this earth.