Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi Disciple Says It Is Wrong To Call Self The Witness  (Read 1887 times)


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1) Unless the body is taken to be ‘I’, otherness – the world of moving and unmoving objects – cannot be seen. Hence, because otherness – the creatures and their Creator – does not exist, it is wrong to call Self the Witness.

Sadhu Om: In the scriptures the terms ‘Jiva sakshi’ [i.e. witness of the jiva] and ‘Sarva sakshi’ [i.e. witness of everything] are used only as a formality, but they are not strictly correct. Only when there is something to be seen can there be a seer or ‘witness’ to see it. But in a state of oneness, where no others exist, who will witness what? Therefore Self, which is One without a second, cannot be called the witness.

2) The world does not exist apart from the body; the body does not exist apart from the mind; the mind does not exist apart from Consciousness; and Consciousness does not exist apart from Self, which is Existence.

Sadhu Om: Therefore it can be concluded that everything is Self,and that nothing but Self exists.

Source: GURU VACHAKA KOVAI The Light of Supreme Truth or THE COLLECTION OF GURU’S SAYINGS translated from original Tamil By Sadhu Om and Michael James

Guru Vachaka Kovai is the biggest collection of Bhagavan’s spoken teachings that was thoroughly checked and revised by him during his lifetime. As such it has a unique place in the Ramana literature.


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Re: Ramana Maharshi Disciple Says It Is Wrong To Call Self The Witness
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The concept of Witness, I think, should have come about due to
personal God.  We see God in the temple or home altar, as some
thing other than us, in a state of duality.  Hence we see in our
day to day parlance that God is the Witness.  Bhagavan Ramana has
also used this word "Witness" in many of His conversations.  Really
speaking in the non dual consciousness, where there is only the Self,
one without a second, who is the witness and who is to be witnessed?  But this is the final state of non duality, after the
realization of the Self. 

Bhagavan Ramana also speaks about the state of Turiya [the Fourth] in a similar manner.  For a self realized Jnani, there is
only the Self in all the states of wakefulness, dream and deep
sleep.  Hence the word Turiya, to call it as Fourth, is redundant.

Arunachala Siva.