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Panchadasi - (71)
« on: August 23, 2008, 01:34:27 PM »
The Chapter III continues.....

Verse 34:-  Thus has been established, here, the eternal
existence of the Self, which, according to the Sruti, is
Brahman.  And its nature, of Pure Consciousness has already
been proved by statements like 'It is Awareness itself."

Verse 35:-  Being all pervasive, Brahman is not limited by
space.  Being eternal, It is not limited by time.  And, being of
the nature of everything, It is not limtied by any objects.  Thus,
Brahman is infinite in all three respects.

Verse 36:-  Space, time and the objects in them being illusions
created by Maya, there is no limitation of Brahman by them.
Infinity of Brahman is therefore clear.

Verse 37:-  Brahman, who is existence, consciousness and
infinity is the Reality.  Its being Isvara, the Omniscient Lord
of the world and Jiva, the individual soul are mere superimpositions,
by the illusory adjuncts of Maya and Avidya respectively.

Verse 38:-  There is a power called Maya, of this Isvara. which
controls everything.  It informs all the objects from the bliss
sheath, to the physical body and the external world.

To be contd...

Arunachala Siva.