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Panchadasi - (70)
« on: August 23, 2008, 01:25:27 PM »
The Chapter  III continues....

Verse 24:-  Nobody, except through delusion, can entertain
the idea that he does not exist. So, the Sruti thus exposes
the falsity of the position of one who denies the existence
of the Self.

Verse 25:-  "He who beleives Brahman to be non-existent,
becomes non-existent himself. "  It is true that the Self
can never be an object of knowledge.  But you must accept
the existence of the Self, identified with one's own existence
as a fact.

(Taittiriya Up. 2.6)

Verse 26:-  If you ask what sort of thing the Self is, then
we reply, that the Self cannot be described as being 'this'
or 'that'.  It cannot be conceived as being 'like this' or
'like that'.  So take it as your own Real nature.

Verse 28:-  Though it cannot be made an object of knowledge,
the Self is still felt very directly.  So it must be self-revealing.
Existence-Consciousness-Infinity, the indications used for
Brahman are all present here also in the Self.

(Taittiriya Up. 2.1)

Verse 30:-  When all forms are destroyed, the formless space still
remains.  So, when all perishable things are destroyed, what
remains is That, the imperishable Brahman or Self.

(Brahadarnyaka Up.  4.4.22)

Verse 32:- It is for this that the Sruti in the passage : "That
Atman is 'not this', not this," negates all objects having names
and forms, but keep 'That' that is the Atman, the Self, intact.

to be continued.....

Arunachala Siva.