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ULLadu Narpadu - 148
« on: June 02, 2010, 09:46:18 AM »

Muruganar in his Guru Vachaka Kovai, covers in many verses the
meaning and purport of Verse 24 of ULLadu Narpadu:

Verse 326:  The excellent sahaja nishtai - the natural abidance as
Atma Swarupam - of the Jnana Guru - who is freed of the ego impurity, [anava mala ] is the weapon that has the power to rapidly
home in on, uproot and throw away the Chit-Jada knot of disciples,
who have, with rapturous delight, taken refuge in his feet.

Muruganar adds here:  As the other two malas, karma and maya,
exist by depending on the anava mala, the implication is that the
Guru is freed from all the three impurities.

This Verse explains the power of natural Self-abidance.  Because
outwardly the Guru appears to be doing nothing, let no one think
that he is not bestowing his grace.  The very nature of his Self-
abidance is Grace.  This truth will become clear to those who
sit in his presence with a still mind, attained through inward

Question: While sitting near you, what sort of mental state
should we have so as to receive the transmission from your Self?

Bhagavan:  Keep your mind still.  That is enough.  You will get
spiritual help sitting in this hall if you keep yourself still.  The
aim of all practices is to give up all practices.  When the mind
becomes still, the power of the Self will be experienced.  The
waves of the Self are pervading everywhere.  If the mind is in
peace, one begins to experience them.

Verse 327:  Know that the Heart-directed conduct in which one steadfastly holds onto Jnana in the way one has been taught,
and abides firmly as being consciousness, without letting the
mind stray towards the ignoble sense objects, it alone the true
teaching of the Guru.

Arunachala Siva.