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Panchadasi - (68)
« on: August 23, 2008, 12:53:57 PM »
The I Chapter of Panchadasi, is called Panchakosha Viveka,
or the Differentiation of the Five Sheaths.

Verse 1:-  It is possible to know Brahman, which is 'hidden in
the cave' that is five sheaths, by differentiating It from from them.

(  Scriptures always indicate Brahman, as something hidden
in the cave of five sheaths.  Bhagavan also used the expression,
'Hrudayakuhar madhye"  in His Sanskrit verse in Ulladu Naarpadu
and Sri Ramana Gita, as an experiential statement.)

Verse 2:- Within the 'physical sheath, is the 'vital sheath';
within the vital sheath is the 'mental sheath'; still within,
is 'intellectual sheath' and still within is the 'blissful sheath'
or the 'enjoyer sheath'.  This succession is of one within another,
is the cave that covers Atman.

Verse 9:- There is a position or function of the intellect, which,
at the time of enjoying the fruits of good actions, goes a little
farther inward and catches the reflection of the bliss and at the
end of this enjoyment, merges in deep sleep.  This is what is
known as the sheath of bliss.

Verse 10:-  This bliss sheath also cannot be the Self, because,
it is temporal and impermanent.  That bliss which is the source
of this reflection is the Self. For, it is eternal and immutable.

Verse 13:-  As the Self is Itself of the nature of experience
only, It cannot be an object of experience. Since there is no
experiencer nor any experience other than It, the Self is
unknowable -- not because It does not exist, but because It
cannot be an object of experience.

Verse 15:-  Just as there is nothing to hinder a thing from
possessing its natural flavorur, even without being flavoured
by another thing, even as the Self there stands four-square
as the experience, viz., this awareness, even when It is not
experienced as an object of experience.

Verse 16:-  The Sruti declares, "This Atman is self revealing",
"Before the evolution of the universe, the Self alone was
shining",  "It shining, all follow the shine", "by It shines the
universe shines, that is revealed."

(Brahadaranyaka Up.  4.3.9;  Nrsimha Uttara Tapaniya Up. 2;
Mundaka Up. 2.2.11;  Katha Up. 5.15; Svetasvatara Up. 6.14)

to be contd.....

Arunachala Siva.