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ULLadu Narpadu - 146
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Muruganar covers in some verses of Padamalai, the content of
Verse 24 of ULLadu Narpadu:

Verse 1736:  Why abuse God instead of killing the misery-inducing-
ego, which is ignorant pride?

Verse 893:  The life of individualized existence, which is a combination of the two opposing entities (Chit and Jada), is just a manifestation of the mind (mano maya).

Verse 560:  The Chit-Jada ego, which is neither Sat (Real) nor Asat
(unreal), remains in your Heart like an enemy masquerading as a

Verse 879:  That Chit-jada ego known as "I" is the founding ancestor of the lineage of the mind.

Verse 1015:  That which liberates, cutting asunder the shackle
of Chit-Jada, is the enquiry that leads to knowledge of the truth
of one's real nature.

Maharshi's Gospel reads as under:-

Question:  While the one aim is to realize the unconditioned
pure being of the Self, which is in no way dependent on the ego,
how can enquiry pertaining to the ego in the form of aham-vritti
[the 'I' thought] be of any use?

Bhagavan:  From the functional point of view, the ego has one
and only one characteristic.  The ego functions as the knot between the Self, which is Pure Consciousness, and the physical body which is inert and insentient.  The ego is therefore called Chit-jada-granthi [the knot between consciousness and the inert body].
In your investigation into the Source of aham-vritti, you take the
essential Chit (Consciousness) aspect of the ego.  For this reason,
the enquiry must lead to the realization of pure consciousness
of the Self.   

Verse 2875:  There exists no path other than that of separating
[the knot that joins] spirit and body, that lowly state of existing
as the body.

Verse 2916:  The true birth celebration is when ego dies, through
the untying [of the Chit-Jada knot] and is born in Brahma Swarupam.

Verse 725:  Unlike a blossoming lotus that closes [during the night],
the Heart-lotus, which has blossomed after the untying of the
ignoble knot, will never close again.

Muruganar says in his own comments on Guru Vachaka Kovai,
Verse 1124:-

If at any time in the past the Chit-Jada knot, the source of all
other [bonds], has been severed, then one will never again be caught in the bondage of samsara.  The state of God, the possession of power, and profound peacefulness -- all these are in truth only in this state of shining as Swarupa.  {The three aspects
of Sat-Chit-Ananda -- all of which belong to the One - are respectively described here as the state of God, the possession of power and profound peacefulness.}

David Godman says here that the following commentary appears
under Verse 1 of Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam, in Bhagavan's
Collected Works.  It is not know who the author is, but it is not
Bhagavan himself.

Just as the lotus bud, flourishing in marshy pools, blossoms at
sunrise, so also the Heart, behind the soiled mind, shines forth
by the grace of God who is the Self of all selves, and who
is externally visible as Arunachala. But this sun, after rising up, never sets again and the Heart of the realized soul is blossom once
and for all.         

Arunachala Siva.