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ULLadu Narpadu - 145
« on: May 31, 2010, 12:34:40 PM »

T.R. Kanakammal quotes here one message of Mahaswami of
Kanchipuram.  The Sage of Kanchi used to explain the granthi-
bhedam, by way of an illustration.  This is apparently paradoxical
but eminently practical.  A bundle of sticks, bound too tightly
with an entangled knot to boot, making it impossible to undo it,
is compared to Chit-jada granthi. 

A second knot, binding the sticks more tightly is made on the
bundle, enabling the first tight fastening to be eased off, and then
lending itself to easy removal.  Guru prescribes initially, to ensure
ripeness, or pakvam, of the Jiva, various but rigorous spiritual
disciplines and devotional practices.  This is compared to the second
knot.  Devotion to the chosen deity, when sincere and intense, by weaning the Jivas away from the binding attachments to the unreal
world, dislodges it.  Like the second knot lending itself to easy
removal, as it was without any entanglement, devotion having made the Jiva ripe has prepared him for the descent of grace.
Then the Jnana Guru, comapacting a basket of world into a single
word, transforming it into its content, instruct the ripe disciple
and the content of teaching blossoms and abides as experience
in the heart of the devotee and seeker.

Bhagavan Ramana used to recommend giri valam, to all devotees.
Many people questioned its utility.  But Bhagavan Ramana insisted them to go for giri valam.  Devotees like Devaraja Mudaliar
and Suri Nagamma's sister in law, who was weak and lean -
understood the efficacy of giri valam after completing it.

Bhagavan Ramana as a final teaching used to say, Summa Iru.
This is as crisp as Mahavakya, Tat tvam asi.  Bhagavan Ramana
Himself says about Tat tvam asi, in one of the later verses of
ULLadu Narpadu.

This knot of chit jada can be loosened only by Guru's grace.
Bhagavan Ramana says in Sri Arunachala Akshara Mana Maalai,
Verse 80:-

Mudi adi kaana mudi viduthu anai ner
Mudividak kadanilai Arunachala!

(anai - annai in poetry.  Annai - Mother)

You have undone the knot which shows no beginning and no
end.  And now should you not like a mother complete the task?
O Arunachala!

You have cut the knot of my ego.  You have given me a glimpse of transcendence, a moment of nirvikalpa samadhi of pure, non-
objective awareness.  Complete the task. Make this state of
egolessness permanent and natural, with the concern of a mother.  Give me sahaja samadhi.

Arunachala Siva.