Author Topic: Final Part - Few Teachings Of Ramana Maharshi  (Read 1190 times)


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Final Part - Few Teachings Of Ramana Maharshi
« on: May 30, 2010, 11:57:46 AM »
The real nature of this Arunachala Hill the ocean of grace divine, is to bestow liberation on those who contemplates on it in their heart.

One who circumambulates this holy hill, on Sunday becomes liberated. Piercing through the solar disc, he shall go to Siva’s City. The man who circumambulates on Monday attains immunity from old age and death. One who circumambulates on Tuesday becomes free from all indebtedness. He shall certainly become an Emperor.The man who circumambulates the Lord of Arunadri on Wednesday shall attain omniscience and become lord of eloquence. One who circumambulates on Thursday shall be bowed by all the Devas. He shall be the preceptor of the worlds. One who circumambulates on Friday shall attain great fortune and thereafter the region Vishnu. One who goes round the hill on Saturday shall be rid of the tortures caused by evil spirits and adverse planets and becomes the conqueror of the entire universe.

Significance of the Beacon: Getting rid of the ‘I am the body’ idea and turning the mind inwards and merging it in the Heart to realize the real, non-dual and effulgent Self, is the real significance of seeing the beacon of light on Annamalai, the centre of the universe.

This Arunachala is destructive of all the sins of men through circumambulation prostrations, recollections, worships and eulogies.

On seeing the peak of Arunachala people will not only have the benefit of having their eyes but also the destruction of all sins and the acquisition of the vision born of wisdom.

A person desirous of salvation shall stay in the holy place Aruna and worship Aruneswara. He should repeat the mantra of Arunesvara with great respect. If anyone wishes for anything he should circumambulate Arunachala on foot. He shall obtain auspiciousness immediately.

When one sneezes falters and slips sees and bad dream or is highly delighted or if a great danger is imminent, the learned man should utter the name of ‘Arunasankara’.

Neither the defects of Kali nor the eruptions of ailments and worries will be present there where the Linga named Arunachala.

How can the mind go insane or lose its powers on the path of vichara that leads to the clarification of consciousness and the attainment of tranquility? (Guru Vachaka Kovia 745)

The loss of ego can never be fully and perfectly accomplished by the jivas through sadanas alone. (648)

So long as distinctions persist in your viewing of the world. Self-abidance (Atma-nishta) is indispensable. (765)

Spoken words are of no use what soever if the eyes of the Guru Meet the eyes if the disciple. The highest form of grace is silence. It is also the highest upadesa.

Know the pure state (suddha) as your own real nature, by keenly observing the interval between two thoughts. (760)

That which dwells within as the supreme Self is indeed that which sports before (you) as pure consciousness. (656)

There are no effective means other than vichara to chase out the ego from within you and kill it. (885)

The delusion-filled mind has caused samsara to merge with you. It will cease when that mind is completely destroyed. (920)

That which is termed omniscience is associated with delusion because in reality no kind of objectified knowing exists. (926)

Until the false appearance of the snake goes, the underlying truth, the rope will not shine. Until the false world-appearance becomes non-existent, the underlying reality, the truth, the swarupa, will not reveal itself. (876)

Truly vasanas are association (sanga). You should therefore know that their extinction is the total abandonment of all association. (912)

The Vedas proclaim that God is omniscient only for the sake of those who are confused thinking that they possess limited knowledge. When carefully examined, (it will be know that) God does not at any time know anything because in his very nature he is the fullness of being (umnai pooranam). (930)

Whatever experiences are gained by any being, from any object is nay place, if they are enquired into, they (the experiences) will be known to really fractions of the experience of the Self. (945)

If a state is being experienced as something new, because that state is not one’s own, it will definitely go away. The Self that is in the beginning and in the end exists in the intervening time also, as that which is. (887)

The cause of all miseries is the impure vasana, the belief that holds the body to be ‘I’. (954)

Feeling anger and hatred in the mind on account of blind fanaticism towards one’s own religion is a cruel and ignoble deed. (991)

Until the jiva knows that its own essential nature is matchless bliss, it will, like the must deer, be confused. (1028)

Those who are experiencing the excellent bliss of samadhi knowing their real name, will not get deluded by what is false and then seek objects perceived by the five senses. (947)

Since mauna (stillness of mind) the culmination of knowledge, is their common nature, all religions are acceptable as a means to advaitic truth, which shines unique and pure, they are therefore not opposed to the wonderful Vedanta (ending of knowledge). (989)

Unlike a blossoming lotus that closed (during the night), the Heart-lotus which has blossomed after the untying of the ignoble knot, will never close again. (1124)

Nothing happens except that which is divinely ordained. Consequently it is pointless for people (who want the world to be different) to experience anxiety and to be debilitated by distress. (1191)

God, the extremely intense, true and supreme grace, takes ten steps (towards) the devotee) when the devotee takes one step (towards God). (965)

Looking at you from within the Self, I never leave you. How can this fact be known to your externalized vision. (Sri Bhagavan, 966)

The teachings of true jnanis who are established in the experience (of the Self) will bestow the light of truth on those who mediate on them (the teachings) in their heart. (1159)

Other than by hearing and knowing it from the lips of those who have seen and known it, we know of no other ‘royal road to realizing jnana.’ (1158)

When enduring true bliss exists and files the heart to the brim, it is an error of ego to fell distress. (969)

Know that suffering is only in the bewildered vision of the jiva that has been grabbed by the stupidity of becoming attached to the false ego. (952)

So long as you are seeking something other than yourself as the agent for gaining bliss, there is no bliss of you. (1026)

Only as long as the mind survived will there be religion. When the mind attains silence, religion also will cease. (993)

Nothing that is worth grieving over ever happens to you. Examine your real nature. (953)

The radiance of consciousness-bliss in the form of one awareness shining in the same way within and without is the supreme and blissful primal reality whose form in silence and which is declared by jnanis to be the final and incontrovertible state of true knowledge. (901)