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Panchadasi - (67)
« on: August 22, 2008, 06:20:23 PM »
The Chapter II continues....

Verse 106:-  A realized soul is not affected by delusion and it
is the same whether he dies healthy or in illness, sitting in
meditation or rolling on the ground, conscious or unconscious.

Verse 107:-  The knowledge of the Vedas, acqured during the
waking conditon, is daily forgotten during dream and sleep,
but it returns on the morrow.  Similar is the case with the
knowledge of Brahman. 

Verse 108:-  The knowledge of Brahman, based on the evidence
of the Vedas, is not destroyed unless proved invalid by some
stronger evidence.  But in fact, there is no stronger evidence
than the Vedas. 

(Prasna Up.  6.3)

Verse 109:-  Therefore the knowledge of the nondual Reality,
thus, established by the Vedanta is not falisfied even at the last
moment, whatever interpretation be taken.  So, the discrimination
of the elements from the Brahman, the non dual reality, surely
ensures peace abiding or bliss ineffable.  This is the Peace
that passeth understanding.


Arunachala Siva.