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Panchadasi - (66)
« on: August 22, 2008, 06:12:00 PM »
The Chapter II continues....

Verse 97:- If we abstract from the cosmos the Existence, which
underlies it, all the world and all objects are reduced to a mere
illusory appearnce. What does it matter even if they continue
to appear.

Verse 98:-  When a deep impression has been creatd in the
mind about the elements and their derivatives and Maya being
of the same category, viz., non existence, the understanding
of non duality of the Real Entity, as Nondual, will never
be subverted.

Verse 99:-  When the Reality has been comprehended as
Non dual Brahman and the world of duality has been differentiated,
their pragmatic action, however, will continue as before.

Verse 102:-  When the intellect disregards the notions of duality,
it becomes firmly established in the conception of non duality.
The man who is firmly established in the conviction of non duality
is called a Jivan mukta, a liberated in life.

Verse 103:- Sri Krishna say in the Gita:- This is called as
having one's being in Brahman. O Arjuna, None attaining this,
will be deluded.  Being established therein, even at the last
moment, a man attains oneness with Brahman.  (Gita 2.72.
This is called Videha mukti, liberation at time of fall of the body.)

Verse 104:- "At the last moment" also means the moment at
which the mutual identification of the illusory duality and the
the one secondless reality, is annhilated by differentiating from
each other, and nothing else.

Verse 105:-  In common parlance, the expression 'at the last
moment' may mean at the last moment of life.  Even at that
time, the illusion that is gone does not return and there is no

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.