Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi Says Waking State Will Not Appear A Dream Till We get Jnana  (Read 1535 times)


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8-9-45 Morning

Another Visitor: It is said that our waking life is also a dream, similar to our dream during sleep. But in our dreams we make no conscious effort to get rid of the dream and to awake, but the dream itself comes to an end without any effort on our part and we become awake. Similarly why should not the waking state, which is in reality only another sort of dream, come to an end of its own accord, and without any effort on our part, and land us in jnana or real awakening?

Bhagavan: Your thinking that you have to make an effort to get rid of this dream of the waking state and your making efforts to attain jnana or real awakening are all parts of the dream. When you attain jnana you will see there was neither the dream during sleep, nor the waking state, but only yourself and your real state.

Devotee pressed Bhagavan, “But what is the answer to the question? Why should not the waking state also pass like our dreams without any effort on our part and land us in jnana, as a dream passes off and leaves us awake?”

Bhagavan: Who can say that the dream passed off of its own accord? If the dream came on, as is generally supposed, as the result of our past thoughts or karma, probably the same karma also decides how long it should last and how after that time it should cease.

Devotee was still unsatisfied and, as the result of further talk with Bhagavan,and he feels that the waking state, though a sort of dream,is clearly distinct from the dream during sleep in this, namely that during dream it never occurs to us that it is a dream, whereas in the waking state we are able to argue and understand from books and gurus and from some phenomena that it may be only dream after all. Because of this, it may be our duty to make an effort to wake into jnana.

Bhagavan says that we don’t deem a dream, a dream till we wake up, that the dream looks quite real while it lasts; and that similarly this waking state will not appear a dream till we wake up into jnana.Because of the above difference between the dream and the waking states, our effort is called for.



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Dear prasanth,

The unfulfilled desires come as a dream.  In the wakeful state,
further desires are added, some attained and some other unattained.
Both are in a way dreams, that contain the seeds of karma.
A Brahma Jnani wakes up from this long dream called our wakeful
state.  He really "wakes" up.  Till that time, we can only suffer
and keep on seeking His grace.  The prarabdha continues to roast
us in fire of suffering.

Sri Arunachala Akshara Mana Maalai says, in Verse 55:-

Nin eri erithu enai neeRakkidumun
Nin aruL mazhai pozhi Arunachala!

(Eri - roasting, burning; NeeRu - ashes;
AruL mazhai - the rain of grace)
Before Your fire of Jnana burns me to ashes, pour down on me
your rain of grace.   

Arunachala Siva.