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ULLadu Narpadu -140
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Muruganar covers, as in the case of GVK,  covers the purport and meaning of Verse 23,  rather indirectly:  (All translations of Padamalai Verses from David Godman's English translations.)

Verse 1163:  The deception of the mind that roams without restraints
is extremely wicked.  Expel the conceptualizing tendencies of the mind through Self abidance.

Verse 1143:  Those who, instead of recognizing the Self try to know
it with their minds, will get choked and perplexed.

Verse 1475:  Unless you clearly know your real nature by remaining
firmly established in Self abidance, you will get enmeshed in creation and become bewildered.

Verse 473:  With your consciousness hold fast to and never abandon the Substratum, your own real nature, the supreme that can neither be held nor relinquished.

Conscious Immortality:

Bhagavan:  Is It (the Self) something far away that you have to touch it?  The higher Self exists as one, but it is only your thoughts that make you feel that It is not.  You can neither think about nor forget It.

Verse 1113:  Other than the thought of the Self, any other thought
you may associate with is a mere mental construct, foreign to the

The Self can never be an object of thought, a fact that Bhagavan
confirms in the following:-

Vichara Sangraham:-

Question:  How is one to think of the Self?

Bhagavan:  The Self is self-luminous without darkness and light,
and is the reality which is self-manifest.  Therefore, one should not think of it as this or as that.  The very thought of thinking will end in bondage  The purport of meditation on the Self, is to make the mind take the form of the Self.  In the middle of the heart-cave,
the pure Brahman is directly manifest as the Self in the form "I-I".  Can there be greater ignorance than to think of it in manifold ways, without knowing it as aforementioned?

Verse 118: Thinking of the Self is to abide as that tranquil consciousness, Padam, the true Swarupam can neither be remembered nor forgotten.

Verse 119:  By holding on tightly to the motionless Self, taking it as one's support, the mind will become free of agitation.

Conscious Immortality:-

Bhagavan:  Because we exist, the ego appears to exist too.  If
we look on the Self as the ego, then we are the ego.  If as the mind, we are the mind.  If as the body, we are the body.  It is the thought that works up in many ways.  Looking at the shadow on the water, it is found to be shaking.  Can anyone stop the shaking of the shadow?  If it should cease to shake, you should not look on the water.  Look at your Self.  Therefore, do not look to the ego.  The ego is the "I" thought.  The true "I" is the Self.

Arunachala Siva.