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ULLadu Narpadu - 138
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Muruganar covers the message of Verse 23, in many places in
Guru Vachaka Kovai.  I shall give only a few verses that are possible
here.  (All GVK Verses - translations from David Godman's book.)

Verse 437:  Supreme Reality is only one and not two.  Therefore, when the one is that unique Self, the reality, remains still as that Self by attaining tranquility of mind, free from the confusion of mind which is just a deluded perspective, that alone, is the knowledge of reality. It is not rising as the ego and knowing something else objectively.

Verse 440:  Apart from consciousness, there is no world. Apart from'
consciousness, there is no beloved Jiva.  Apart from consciousness,
there is no grace-supreme.  Knowing consciousness is indeed the supreme truth.

Verse 860:  If you question, 'What is that absolute and supreme
death that is not connected, with birth and which puts an end
to the limitless births, that lead to death, the reply is: "It is the
death of "I" and "mine" that subsist on the darkness of ignorance.

Verse 861:  The existence of the ego, which connects us to the fleshy body, will end only by the enquiry, "Who am I?" which is paying attention to one's real nature.

Verse 863: Know that there can be no experience of true Jnana,
except by the destruction of the false delusion, the mind that
proclaims "I".

Verse 454:  In the deluded existence of living as the ignorant ego,
the tainted understanding that is caused by the contracted and shrunken consciousness, which is the mind, is there anyone
who has true happiness, replete with unique light of Jnana, in which the mind is totally free of thoughts?

Verse 455:  Having experienced fully the great bliss of the sublime
state of sleep, where no other object exists, it is sheer ignorance,
not to value that state and to regard it as one's salvation, but instead to desire something else, imagining it to be one's defence
against the misery that one experiences. 

Verse 456:  You are associated with abundant ignorance in sleep, fainting and similar unconscious states only with respect to (the
absence of knowledge) about the alien objects that are perceived
by the bustling ego.  You should know t hat there is never any
ignorance of the ever-shining Self.

Verse 1104:  Only those who subside in the Heart, with full
awareness will attain the state of truth that is free from falsity,
fear and sorrow.  The rest will not attain it because, [for them], the truth remains veiled for the mind in sleep and waking states by forgetfulness [avararna] and thoughts [vikshepa], respectively.

Verse 29:  The world is seen fully and distinctly only in the waking and dream states, in which sankalpas [thoughts] have arisen.  Is
it ever seen in deep sleep, where there is absolutely no arising of thoughts?  Therefore, sankalpas alone are the material substance of the world.

Verse 32:  When the mind emerges first through the brain and then through the senses, along with it names and forms, are pushed out from within.  Conversely, when the mind rests in Heart, they enter and subside there again.

Arunachala Siva.