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ULLadu Narpadu - 138
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Smt.T.R. Kanakammal gives the following comments on Verse 23
of ULLadu Narpadu.  (abridged):

In deep sleep, when the activity of the mind gets suspended, none
says "I am not".  Be he a scholar or an ignoramus, it is the day-to-
day and common experience of all without distinction.  "I am" is
an universal experience.  Even those who deny the existence of God
or other worlds, never deny their own existence, such is the firmness
of the conviction of everyone in one's own being.  But this awareness, "I am" always identifies itself with a body.  Every act of body is considered as one's own. 

None says "I am not" during deep sleep.  But immediately on waking, one comes out as "I" identified with one's body.  Bhagavan
therefore, instructs us to enquire and know the truth of that person,
as one's identity, as represented by the awareness of "I" is distinct
from the body.

Everyone knows that it is precisely because of the presence of awareness of "I" (Taan), that the substance called Naan, ego
shines.  The word "I" signifies the Atman.  Unfortunately, mixed
up with the mind, That gets limited to the size of the body projected by the mind and is regarded as trivial.  In reality, it
is Sat-Chit-Ananda, unbroken.  The body that the "I" identifies
itself which is the illusory projection of the mind and the body is regarded as "I" with non-distinction.  By virtue of such long standing superimposition of the body on "I" (the mistaken identity), the light of Atman is attributed to the body, and the defects of the body are
superimposed on the Atman.  And in between the two, an imaginary entity steps in.  This is the Jiva.

The erroneous identification of the awareness of "I" with the body is the cause of all disastrous consequences contrary to the Truth       
or reality.  The very first possession becomes the body, thus triggering of the entire train of thoughts of "I" and "mine".

This is the seed of world-appearance.  The source of it, whence it
springs from, must be enquired into, known and realized.  Though
the Atman is veiled by the illusions of the mind, It ever shines in he Heart as "I-I", as Awareness of being.

After the first awareness of "I" arises, everything is experienced.
Enquiring with a pure and subtle mind, the nature of that "I", the
cause of all activities, is Atma Vichara, or enquiry into the Self.


Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman says:

When the child is born, the new-born baby has got a few vasanas.
The child on the lap of the mother, looks for the breasts of the
mother for milk when hungry.  Like this, there are a few needs only
for the child.  But it is we, who makes the child identify the Naan,
"I" step by step, vigorously, to make it world-wise.  We call the
child, Hari.  We call him Hari, Hari.  Then, we touch the body of the child and say: Who is this?  The child in fact does not know it
first.  Then, we say, This is Hari.  This is Hari... and keep on hammering a name for individuality.  Then we ask, who is Hari's
mother?  I am Hari's mother?  Who am I?  I am Hari's mother.... and keep on indoctrinating the relationships.  We put some bangles on his wrist.  We put a gold chain on its neck.  Whose bangles are these?  Whose chain is this?  It is Hari's.  Hari's bangles are here and Hari's necklace is here.... Thus the concepts of "I" and "mine" and injected into the mind.

It grows as the child grows.  The body, the world, this is mine
and that is yours and all such objectifications crop up.  He becomes completely worldly-wise. It needs a Guru to tell him that you are not the body, you are the Awareness, the Substratum that shines in your waking, dreaming and deep sleep states!

Arunachala Siva.