Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi says Objects Existence Are Dependent On Subject  (Read 1377 times)


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22nd August, 1938

Talk 507

D.: Object existence is independent of the subject.

M.: Do the objects exist in the absence of the subject?

M.: Do you say that they exist, or do they come and announce their existence to you?

D.: I know that they exist.

M.: So it is your knowledge of them only. Their existence is not absolute.

D.: Even if I did not know they will continue to exist.

M.: Do you claim their existence in the absence of your knowledge of them?(Laughter).

Source: Talks With Ramana Maharshi Book


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Re: Ramana Maharshi says Objects Existence Are Dependent On Subject
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Dear prasanth,

All objects are unreal.  All objective world is apparent but not real,
in permanence.  It all depends on the Seer.  The Subject only
'sees' its existence.  Without the subject, there is no object.

Saint Tirumoolar says in poem.  There is a wooden doll of an
elephant.  The one who sees it as a doll, he sees elephant.
If another sees it only as wood, then it is wood only and there
is no elephant.  One who knows that both the appearances
are unreal, is a Jnani.

Muruganar says in one of his poems:  A dog that wants to piss,
whether it pisses on a Siva Lingam or on a cylindrical oil crushing
machine (used those days for making oils from oil seeds.  It also
looks black, oily, and shining , like a Siva Lingam. It was called
Chekku, in Tamil), it makes no difference for it.  All are appearances
for the dog.

Arunachala Siva.