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Panchadasi - (65)
« on: August 22, 2008, 05:58:33 PM »
The chapter II continues....

Verse 78:-  The real entity (Brahman) is all pervasive.  The
range of Maya is limited.  That of akasa is more limited. And
that of air, water etc., yet more so limited.

Verse 79:-  The following are the properties, air is known
to possess.: ability to absorb moisture, percetibility to the
sense of touch, speed and motion.  Existence and the properties
of Maya and akasa are also found in air.

Verse 80:- When we say, air exists, we mean that it does so
by virtue of the universal principle of existence. If the idea
of existence is abstracted from air, what is left is the nature
of Maya, that is a non-entity.  The property of sound that is
found in the air is that of akasa.

Verse 86:-  What is real in air is Brahman, Sat. Other particles
are unreal as akasa.  Having made a deep impression in your
mind, about the unreality of air, by reason and meditation,
give up the false notion about the reality of air.

Verse 87:-  In the same way, we can think of ire, which has
a more limted range than air.  A similar consideration will
point to the relative existence of the other elements like
water, earth which envelop the universe.

Verse 96:-  The cosmos contains the fourteeen worlds and all
the living beings suited to each world.

(The cosmos is Brhamanda, as per Hindu thought, and it consists
of 14 worlds, Bhuh, Bhuvah, Svah, Mahat, Janah, Tapah, Satya,
or Bramhaloka, and Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Rasatala,
Mahatala, Patala, in the upper and lower directions of the world).

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.