Author Topic: Incidents Related To Ramana Maharshi And A Muslim Professor  (Read 2942 times)


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Talk 125.

The Muslim Professor asked: When I am here my mind is satvic; as soon as I turn my back on this, my mind hankers after so many objects.

M.: Are the objects different from you? There can be no objects without the subject.

D.: And how shall I know it?

M.: Being That, what do you want to know? Are there two selves for the one to know the other?

D.: Again, I repeat, sir, how to know the truth of all this and experience the same?

M.: There is no gaining of anything new. All that is required is to rid the Self of ignorance. This ignorance is the identification of the Self with the non-Self.

D.: Yes. Still I do not understand. I must have your help. Everyone here is waiting on you for your Grace. You yourself must have sought originally the help of a Guru or of God. Extend that Grace to others now and save me.

Before I came here I desired to see you very much. But somehow I could not find an opportunity to do so. In Bangalore I made up my mind to return to my place. I met Mr. Frydman and others who sent me here. You have dragged me here. My case is like Paul
Brunton’s in Bombay, when he was dragged here having cancelled his passage home.

I hesitated at first on arrival. I wondered if I would be permitted to approach you and converse with you. My doubts were soon set at rest. I find that all are equal here. You have established an equality among all. I dined with you and others. If I should say so to my people in U.P., they would not believe it.

The Brahmins would not drink water with me, nor chew pan with me. But here you have
taken me and others like me in your fold. Though Gandhi is striving hard he cannot bring about such a state of affairs in the country. I am very happy in your presence.

I regard you as God. I consider Sri Krishna to be true God because He has said, “Whomsoever one may worship, the worshipper worships me only and I save him.”

Whereas all others have said,“Salvation is through me (meaning himself) only,” Krishna alone is so broad-minded and has spoken like God. You observe the same kind of equality.

Source: Talks With Ramana Maharshi Book


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Re: Incidents Related To Ramana Maharshi And A Muslim Professor
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Dear prasanth,

I remember to have read this Talk.  There is one more Muslim
gentleman, by name Dr. Syed.  He and his invited Bhagavan
Ramana for dinner.  Bhagavan Ramana smiled and avoided the
offer but He sent three people to Dr. Syed's house and were given
dinner by his wife, by fresh vegetarian food which she had prepared
after taking bath and washing the vessels clean.  The visitors had
also pan from her.   This Dr. Syed read and understood Bhagavad
Gita more lucidly than even a pious Hindu.

Arunachala Siva.