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ULLadu Narpadu - 130
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Muruganar covers the nature of the mind, understanding it and
transcending it, in many verses in Padamalai.  I shall give only
some select verses.

Verse 702:  The intrinsic purity of your own Self-nature was corrupted
on account of your worthless mind.

Verse 456:  The defect of the mind is to connect [wrongly], making
it appear as though the nature of one thing is nature of another.

Verse 2137:  The mind that dishonors consciousness [by ignoring it]
will be whirled around in a world of falsity and, as a consequence,
will become confused.

Verse 2419:  Those who revel in drinking the milk of the mind
[indulging in fancies] will not have the wisdom to drink the milk
of grace bestowing celestial cow, Nandini.

Verse 2876:  A feeling of deficiency only arises of the mind-
deficiency.  In truth, no one has any kind of lack.

Verse 1631:  How can one apprehend one's real nature that shines,
transcending all concepts, with a mind, that has spread out and
expanded itself with concepts?

Verse 1364:  Since consciousness is reality, in order to know
reality, why is it necessary to associate with the movements of the

Verse 2629:  Those who possess a mind that roams about in the
false concept [the world] will not know the consciousness, the supreme, and even if they do know it, they will be perplexed by it.

Verse 313:  If one enquires into the mater, it will be known that
remembering, forgetting, and so on, all belong to the mind.  They
do not exist in the Self.

Verse 315:  Knowing and not knowing are only for the mind that
experiences the non-Self.  They do not belong to the Self.  (See
Upadesa Saram, Verse 27.)

Verse 935:  Do not grieve, taking yourself to be the mind, but merge with the inner peace through then attainment of knowing
yourself to be the reality.

Verse 2094:  Do not struggle with the mind, regarding it as something real.  If you inquire within and know what it is,
it will cease to exist.

Day by Day, entry dated 08.11.1945 reads as under:

Bhagavan:  To ask the mind to kill the mind is making the thief
the policeman.  He will go with you and pretend to catch the
thief, but nothing will be gained.  So you must turn inward and see where the mind rises from, and then it will cease to exist.

Question:  Is not asking the mind to turn inwards and seek its Source also employing the mind?

Bhagavan:  Of course we are employing the mind.  It is well
known and admitted that only with the help of the mind [can the mind] be killed.  But instead of setting about saying that there is a mind, and I want to kill it, you begin to seek the source of the mind, and you find the mind does not exist at all.  The mind, turned outwards, results in thoughts and objects.  Turned inwards, it becomes the Self.

Again, Day by Day entry dated 11.01. 1946 reads as under:
Question:  What is the difference between the mind and the Self?

Bhagavan:  There is no difference.  The mind turned inwards is the
Self.  Turned outwards, it becomes the ego and all the world.  The cotton made into various clothes, we call it by various names.  The gold made into various ornaments, we call by various names.  But all the clothes are cotton and all the ornaments gold.  The one is
real, the many are mere names and forms.

   But the mind does not exist apart from the Self, i.e. it has no
independent existence.  The Self exists without the mind, never
the mind without the Self.   

Arunachala Siva.