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ULLadu Narpadu - 129
« on: May 24, 2010, 03:14:22 PM »

Muruganar in his Padamalai has covered the message of Verse 22
of ULLadu Narpadu, in some of his verses.

Verse 2447:  In the Self, Padam, whose nature is the true Jnana that
[merely] exists and shines, association with the mind, the intellect
and all the rest is totally absent.

Verse 2448: Though Padam exists merged with the mind, not ven the
name 'mind' is present in it.

Verse 272:  Padam, the state of Brahman, transcending the mind,
is such that when one sleeps in Swarupam, even the word 'turiya'

[Sleep in Swarupam does not denote physical sleep, it implies abidance in one's real state. Turiya means fourth, but since the
first three states are all states of mind, turiya, the fourth, has
no meaning.]

Verse 1602:  In a Heart, in which the mind is dead the lustrous Padam excels as the transcendent, non dual maunam.

Verse 2979:  Though one may run and run to the ends of the earth
seeking it, Padam, one's true Self, never comes within the grasp
of the ego-mind.

Verse 2735:  Padam destroys the perversity of samsara that gives
rise to the discord in which remembering is birth and forgetting
is death.

Verse 887:  Effulgent Padam kills and annihilates the mind-illusion
that causes bewilderment by making the reflection appear to be

{This reflection is called Chidabhasa.}

Verse 2069:  Like removing dirt with dirt, Padam whitens the
impure and dirty maya with the sublime light of beneficial maya.

{In villages there was a practice of using mud to clean up the
vessels, or some powder of the bark of a tree, to clean up the
vessels.  The same idea is given in Kaivalya Navaneetam, Tattva
Vilakkam, Verse 50:  Just as poison is commonly antidoted with
another poison, an iron spike is extracted with another piece
of iron, arrows are turned aside by others, and dirt is washed
away with other dirt (e.g fuller's earth), so ignorance, which is
weak in itself, can be eradicated by methods which are themselves
of the same maya.  Later this also perishes like the pole used to
turn a corpse that is burnt.} 

Arunachala Siva.