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ULLadu Narpadu - 125
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Muruganar in his Guru Vachaka Kovai, also writes in some more
verses (though conveying the indirect message of Verse 21 of
ULLadu Narpadu).  These are:

Verse 346:  In those who abide in the Heart that exists as the form
of grace, the mind, whose nature is darkness, will completely die.
In their vision, which has attained the splendor of the direct of the
direct experience that overflows, assuming the form of reality, everywhere and everything is saturated with bliss.

Verse 347:  God, the Immanent One, appears to those with fleshy
eyes in bright and beautiful forms.  To accomplished yogis he
appears in their heart-lotus.  To brahmins he appears in the rising
and bright sacrificial fire, but to Jnanis who possess the infinite
eye, he appears everywhere.

Verse 348:  Having become free from concepts, which are afflicting thoughts, and with the "I am the body" idea completely extinguished, one ends up as the mere eye of grace, the non dual expanse of consciousness.  This is the supremely fulfilling vision of God.

Verse  349:  Having restrained the deceitful senses, and having
abandoned mental concepts, you should stand aloof in your real
nature.  In that state of Self-abidance, in which you remain firmly established in the consciousness of the Heart, Sivam will be reveal itself.

Verse 350: The true vision of reality that is free from veiling ignorance is the state in which one shines in the Heart, as the ocean of bliss, the inundation of grace.  In the maunam experience that surges there as wholly Self, and which is impossible to think about, not a trace of grief or discontent exists for the Jiva.

Verse 1187:  The feet of Siva reside in the Heart as the Atma Swarupam.  Transcendental speech (Para Vak) is the elegant and felicitious word that remains without rising up out of the Heart; ever-firm maunam, is a worshipping-without-worshipping that is ceaselessly flowing prayer to the feet of Siva through that transcendental speech.  This (ever-firm maunam) alone is he natural and true worship that takes place in the Heart.

Muruganar adds here:  As worship is done without Suttarivu, the ego, it has been said, "worshipping-without-worshipping".  For the same reason it has been termed 'natural and true worship'.

Verse 1188:  Only those who have realized their beingness in Sivam have drowned themselves in maunam, the state of perfect well being.  Abandoning the feeling of "I" in things that are alien to Sivam , abide in Sivam without any activity (of your own).

Muruganar gives here the famous Nammazhwar song:

Lion amongst Gods, praised by the heaven-dwellers!
Unable to know myself,
I spoke of "I" and "mine", and thus I remained.
I myself am You!  What I own is also You!

{Source:  All Padamalai Verses and Guru Vachaka Kovai verses
are the translations of David Godman, from his two books on the


Regarding Sri Lakshmana Sarma's verses in Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad, there are no direct verses on Verse 21 of
ULLadu Narpadu.  He had of course, connected the message of
Verses 20 and 21 in many of his verses.  Hence these are not


Arunachala Siva.