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ULLadu Narpadu - 122
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Padamalai verses continue:-

Verse 2154:  Mauna Jnana, true knowledge of God, is only one.
It is only in the knowledge of objects that there are many differences.

Verse 2226:  Only he dwells in the resplendent residence {Paranadama} as God {Paradevata} is a Paradesi.

(A Paradesi generally denotes a foreigner or a wandering, begging
monk.  However, in this verse, Bhagavan uses the word in a completely different sense.  Para means Supreme, Desa means
Country, Desi means citizen of that land.)

Verse 634:  Only the resplendent abode {Parandama}, whose nature is consciousness of being and which surges as Bhuma
{The Immanent Reality}, is the non-dual Self, the Supreme.

Talks No. 68 run like this:-

Bhagavan:  Bhuma alone is.  It is infinite.  There arises from it
this finite consciousness taking on an Upadhi [limiting adjunct].
This is "abhasa" or reflection. Merge this individual consciousness into the Supreme One. That is what should be done.

Question:  Bhuma is an attribute of supreme consciousness.

Bhagavan:  Bhuma is the Supreme - yatra naanya pasyati yatra
naanyat srunoti sa bhuma.  (Where one does not see any other,
hears nothing, it is Bhuma.)  It is indefinable and indescribable.
It is as It is.

Question:  There is a vastness experienced.  Probably it is just
below Bhuma but close to it.  Am I right?

Bhagavan:  Bhuma alone is.  Nothing else.  It is the mind which
which says all other things. 

Aunachala Siva.     

Arunachala Siva.