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Panchadasi - (63)
« on: August 22, 2008, 05:19:34 PM »
The chaper II coninues....

Verse 65:-  It is common knowledge that correct understanding
makes a thing appear as it is, in itself, and illusion makes it
appear differently.

Verse 66:-  A thing appears to be quite different after a thorough
discussions of the Vedic passage concerned, from what is appeared
before such a discussion.  So let us now discuss the nature of

Verse  67:- Brahman and akasa are different entities.   Their
names are different, and the ideas conveyed by their names
are too different.  Brahman pervades air and other objects.
Such is not the case with akasa.  This is what we know to be
the difference.

Verse 68:-  The entity, Sat being more pervading is the locus
or substance.   And akasa, being less pervading a content,
or an attribute. When by the excercise of reason or intellect,
Sat is separated from akasa, tell me what the nature of akasa,
is, it is reduced to nothing.

Verse 69:-  If you hold that when existence is abstracted from
it, akasa will still remain as space, then we should say that it
is regarded as 'nothing'. If you say:  It is different from Asat
as well as Sat, for you do not  admit anything which is different
from both, which we of course hold.

Verse 70:-  If you argue that akasa is evident, then we reply,
let it be, it is to the credit of the powers of Maya.  The appearance
of an object which in fact non existent, is an illusion, mithya,
which is again the power of Maya, just as the elephant seen
in a dream!

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.