Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi Explains Why The Self, Though Ever-present Is Not Being Realised  (Read 1252 times)


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Talk 201.

The Parsi ladies asked for an illustration to explain why the Self,though ever-present and most intimate, is not being realised.

Maharshi cited the stories of

(1) Svakanthabharanam katha - the story of the necklace, on the neck itself, not being detected;

(2) Dasama - of the ten fools who counted only nine, each of them omitting to count himself;

(3) the lion’s cub, brought up in a herd of goats;

(4) Karna not knowing his real parentage and

(5) the king’s son brought up in a low-class family.

They further asked for Maharshi’s opinion of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga,and his claim to have probed beyond the experiences of the Vedic rishis and the Mother’s opinion of the fitness of her disciples to begin with the realisation of the Upanishadic rishis.

M.: Aurobindo advises complete surrender. Let us do that first and await results, and discuss further, if need be afterwards and not now.


1) Talks With Ramana Maharshi Book
2) Arunachala's Ramana Volume III Book


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Dear prasanth,

Bhagavan Ramana has used of these, two similes, in His own works:

1. The story of Tenth man.(ULLadu Narpadu, Verse 37)

2.  The necklace on the neck, and searching for its imaginary loss
     everywhere. (Vichara Mani Maalai - prose work. However, in
     this, Bhagavan cites the bangle and not the necklace)

Arunachala Siva.