Author Topic: Story Behind First Couch Used By Ramana Maharshi  (Read 1284 times)


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Story Behind First Couch Used By Ramana Maharshi
« on: May 18, 2010, 01:00:51 PM »
The story of the first couch is worth mentioning. Ramana used to sit on a simple wooden plank in a corner of the room. One day Rangaswami Gounder brought a couch as a gift for Ramana and asked him to sit on it. But Maharshi refused. For three days Gounder prayed that he may accept his present.

On the third night Ramana finally gave way and laid down on the couch to sleep.
From that moment on it became his place of residence day and night.

Source: Ramana Maharshi: His Life A biography by Gabriele Ebert


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Re: Story Behind First Couch Used By Ramana Maharshi
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This couch or sofa first submitted to Bhagavan Ramana, is still in
the Old Hall.  There they have placed a spread and on top a
photograph of Bhagavan Ramana stretching His legs and looking
in front.  There is a calendar and a clock behind.  The sofa has
been kept in the same position where He was sitting facing south.
He is the spiritual north pole.  He is Sri Dakshinamurty Himself.

There are two holy names in Bhagavan Ramana's Ashottaram of
Viswanatha Swami:

Name 48:  Dakshinasya Nibhaya Namah |
               Salutations to the One who is equivalent to the
                guru Sri Dakshinamurty.

Name 50:  Dakshinabhimukaya Namah ||
                Salutations to the One who always sits looking south.

{It is curious to know that Bhagavan Ramana always sat facing
south.  Whether in Old Hall, or on the stone sofa in front of
Mother's Temple or in His Nirvana Room during final days!  Viswanatha Swami adds that though it was involuntary, He always
sat facing south.  Further, the word 'dakshina' also means 'right'.
As you face the sun looking at east, your stretched right hand on
the side, shows south.  Bhagavan Ramana in a few photographs
sit or stand looking at the right side of His chest, the estoterical
Heart, on the right side of the mid chest!}     
Rangaswami Gounder is the one who submitted the first sofa
to Bhagavan Ramana for sitting.  He is called Sofa Gounder in
Ramana literature.

Arunachala Siva.