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ULLadu Narpadu - 108
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Let us now see the Verse 19 of ULLadu Narpadu.  This is rather a
simple verse in metrical aspect.

Original Tamil version by Bhagavan Ramana:

Vidi madi moolam vivekam illarke
Vidi madi vellum vivadam - vidi madi gatku
Or mudalaan tannai unarndharkku avai taNandar
Charvaaro pinnum avai chaatru.

Sanskrit Version of Kavyakanata Ganapati Sastri:

Vidheh prayatnasya cha ko'piu vaadah
Tayor-dvayor moolam ajaanataam syaat |
Vidheh prayatansya cha moola vastu
Sanjaanataam naiva vidhir na yatanah ||

Sanskrit Version of Lakshmana Sarma:

Madhye daivadhiyorajyam prati bhavet tesaam vivaade ratih
Dhidaivadvitayasya moolamahamityekam na jaananti ye |
Anvesaadavagatya tattvamahamastaabhyaam vimukto munih
Samsakto bhavitaa tayoh kimu punah svajnaanaahino yathaa ||


Destiny is known as variously as luck, chance, and destiny
(Prarabdha).  It is what comes to us in the present as circumstances
-- whether good or bad.  The fruits of actions done in the past come
as fate when they mature.  Self effort is what we do in the present
with what we get.  When we remove the conditioning of time, we
see that both are actions alone.  One is action done in the past
giving result now and the other is action done in the present which
will give result in the future.  All actions depend on he doer of actions, "I".  The root question to be asked is therefore:  Who am
I?  In the answer to that there is neither destiny nor effort or free will.

Again, fate or destiny, as we see it, depends on self-effort.  Effort
depends on the desire to act.  Desire depends on "I", the desirer.
Who thenm am "I" on whom depend on desire, effort or free will
or fate or destiny?

Also, the fate and effort are only actions and actions depend on the
doer of actions.  One becomes the doer of actions only with reference to the actions.  We ask, "Who am I?"  before the action started and after the action is over?  Surely I am not the doer.
the doer alone becomes the enjoyer.  Being neither, where is the
question of fate or self effort in Me?

One may argue that fate depends on self effort.  But self effort
itself depends on fate.  So fate is all powerful.  We ask, "Does
not fate again depend on self effort which in turn depends....?
and so on.  Regress ad infinitum!  The only way out is to go to the origin of both.  This Bhagavan calls it as "vidhi madhi moolam"  -- the root of fate and free will.

What is the role of fate and self effort in the life of a realized person?  Action is done with the body.  The actor is the wielder
of the body.  If I am neither the body nor its wielder, but the
witnessing consciousness of both, how can actions or the results
incurred thereof affect Me?  Knowing thus, he may live a life full
of activity or otherwise, depending on his inclinations.  He
accept all the cirucumstances as the destiny that his body or mind
has to undergo.

Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman says that the debate on destiny
and free will is like the debate on whether egg came first or the
chicken?  What is the way out?  Gaudapada also deals with it
in his Karika.  The best way is to drop the egg and stamp it to
pieces and fluids.  Wrench the chicken's head and kill it.  Be
still kneeling down on the ground and praying to the Pure Space. 

Arunachala Siva.