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ULLadu Narpadu - 104
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Muruganar continues in his Guru Vachaka Kovai:-

Verse 1114:  This dualistic world panorama appears marvellous and
singular through its multifarious diversity.  He who always, exists
and shines as the sun of the Self and before whom this panorama
perishes, without [ever] appearing - such one is a Jnani.

Verse 1115:  The true Jnani who is firmly established in the Heart,
ever exulting proudly in the Self, will regard the world neither as
an illusion that associates [with him] nor as something different
from him.

[Bhagavan Ramana says in Sri Ramana Gita, 1.11:

The Jnani is unfathomable; he abides always in the Self alone.
He does not consider the universe as unreal or as different from
himself.  ]

Verse 1116:  The Jnani knows the entire world that appears in
consciousness as Pure Consciousness alone.  Realizing that the
world has no independent reality apart from consciousness, he will
abide calmly in the Self.  He is the wealthy and fortunate one.

Verse 1117:  The Swarupam alone shines in the Swarupam, the
non dual fullness that is pure consciousness and supreme grace.
Within the differences of "I" [the seer] and 'this' [the seen] do not
exist.  Therefore, those whose minds have dived deep and died
in that fullness will not suffer and lament in the false life of duality
that is an imaginary appearance within it.

Verse 1119:  Though the mind that has been captivated and held
under the sway of shining of pure being may move away to sense
objects that are seen, heard, eaten, smelt, and touched, as in the
past, its knot has definitely been severed through perfect, firm

[Muruganar here further comments:  There is no rule that the mind
whose knot has been cut should not operate among the sense objects.  Through the strength of practice, it can remain without
kartrutva, the suttarivu, and it can operate among the sense objects wholly as the Self, but it will not in the least become bound by them.]

{This answers the point how a Brahma Jnani like Bhagavan Ramana, can eat, drink and sleep and write poems when the mind is absent.  See also Verse 62 of Guru Vachaka Kovai.}

Verse 1122:  Among those whose minds are bound to pramada
[forgetfulness of the Self] those who are born, will die, and those
who die will be reborn.  Those whose minds have died through realization of the pure, eternal consciousness and changeless realtiy, that is the cause of liberation exist in the utter beyond, freed from
birth and death.  This you should know.

Arunachala Siva.